To request a recirculation ballot of a normative candidate standard/document with outstanding negatives, please create a page for the request using the Recirculation Request Template.

Navigate to the page ABOVE where you would like to create your new form before you follow the steps below. 

Select the ellipsis from the top of the page next to "Create" 

Select "HL7 Re-Circulation Request" 

Enter a page title and select "Publish" in the bottom right corner. 

Fill out the form that is present of your new page and select "Save" when complete. 

NOTE: Once you have filled out the form, you can edit by selecting the blue "Edit" button

Please attach the Negative ballot reconciliation document, which must include just the negative comments that remain at issue (declared not persuasive and not withdrawn).

This must include:

  •  the WG's disposition
  • the WG vote 
  • the date of the meeting at which the disposition was voted upon. 

We will need the WG's rationale for the disposition finding for each of the negative comments that remains at issue.

Submit the request to HL7 HQ: to the Director of Technical Publications and the Associate Executive Director ( and