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To Create an attendance Log: 

  1. Select the blue ellipsis icon at the top middle of the page

  2. Select "Show More", scroll down to "WGM 2019 Attendance Log" and select "Create" 

  3. Insert a title for the page and select "Publish" DO NOT Edit the page itself. It contains macros that are pre-configured and do not require any adjustment.

  4. Once the page is published, select "Check In" to add a new user entry

  5. Enter "Name". Select checkbox next to the Quarter you are checking in for. Select "Save" when complete. 

  6. Note that columns for each quarter will dynamically appear as usesr check in for that quarter and an attendance count displays at the bottom left. 

  7. To check in to a meeting once you already have a record on the attendance log, search for your name and then select "Edit" next to the appropriate row. 

  8. The edit entry window will display. Select the checkbox next to the appropriate quarter you are checking in for. Select "Save" when complete

Exporting/Importing Users

You can export the attendee list by selecting the "Export" button at the bottom of the table and then selecting your preferred output format. 

  1. You may import a user list by selecting "Form: attendance" button at the bottom of the page. 

  2. Select the CSV file from your local computer that contains the list of users. Select "Next"

  3. Select check box next to each user entry from your CSV file you'd like to import or select the top checkbox to import all. 

  4. Above the columns containing the names, select the dropdown and select "name". Here you are mapping your file's names to the page column's names

  5. Select "Import" 

  6. Wait for the import (depending on size of user count it may take a few seconds). Reload page. Your users should now be imported. 

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