How users may request access to an accelerator

  1. Point them to the appropriate request permissions URL (by accelerator). They must be logged in (or request and have an account created) before requesting access to a Private Accelerator space. 
  2. On the page they will see a simple pre-populated form which only requires them to click "Request [Accelerator] Private Access"

  3. Once submitted, they will receive a confirmation message and no further action is required by them. 

Step-by-step to add user 

When a user submits a request to be granted access to a private space for an Accelerator, their information will be automatically populated in a table on the "Update [Accelerator] Private Permissions" page. Further, an email is sent to those configured users who should be administering this, from the form page. Only admins of the private space have access to view or interact with this page. 

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Accelerator permission administration page (will be provided in the email you receive as admin) 
  2. Notice the table below the two ADD and REMOVE macros. This is where users' who still need to be added will que

  3. Copy the username of the top user and paste it into the "Username" field

  4. Select "ADD"

  5. Note the output which relays that the user was successfully added to the space

  6. Select "Delete" on the left side row of that user to clear the que of new requests.

Step-by-step to remove user 

  1. Follow the above guide, but instead of pasting the username in the "ADD" macro, paste it in the macro below with "REMOVE".