HL7 Devices is actively pursuing the following device informatics projects:

ProjectDescriptionStatusPSS Link
Devices on FHIRDevelopment of implementation guidance Active with (2) IGs in development1277
Gemini SES+MDIJoint HL7-IHE Devices projects that combine use of HL7 FHIR and IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC).  Restarting PSS completion begun 2020.03; now 2022.03.07 (see PSS-1980)1615
Personalized Health Navigation (PHN)Joint HL7-ISO project for person-directed health & wellness & healthcare navigation Project Proposal Submitted

PSS-2197 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Anesthesia IG Project

NOTE:  Additional FHIR-related project detail is on the Devices on FHIR projects and references.

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  1. Joshua Procious is there a "standard" way / example in HL7 Confluence of simply create a report table here to ensure that the links are up-to-date? Or does it have to be maintained by hand?

  2. Yes there are a few different macros that can be added to dynamically update the page. Pageproperties, childpages, contentbylabel are a few that come to mind. It will depend on what the child pages are here. Are you looking to capture "Project" "Description" "Status" and "PSS Link" for each dynamically?

    1. Yes, on this page it is to include dynamically the PSS Proposals, PSS Confluence Forms, and actual Projects (e..g, in Project Insight) that are active.  

      The linked page referenced under the table is the one place that we want to manage the content and capture the project management tasks.  (I'll publish that updated version in a few minutes).  So this page in the Devices space (the other in the Devices on FHIR space) would be mostly redundant, since just about everything we are doing is DoF related.  Although with the integration of the Anesthesia WG into DEV, those projects will also need to be indicated here as well.

      1. The best way to do this is with labels. So we can add multi-label listeners in the columns above then add the appropriate labels to the related pages. The exception would be those items in Project Insight. This will only work with elements inside Confluence. The first label would be something project related, the second would be "project-scope-statements" or "publication-request" depending on which column you're working in. Labels are the key here. If you don't add a label as you further work/create new pages it won't show up. Is that a step you'd like to take?

        1. Thanks ... that was one of the directions I was considering - will focus on the Land of Labels.

          1. Here is a short video on labels and macros related to them:  

            If you want me to help you mock something up to check out just let me know!

            1. Thanks! 

              I'll give it a look and get back to you.  I've used labels quite a bit but not for this particular application.  

              Stay tuned,