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Welcome to the Confluence pages of the HL7 Devices Work Group


The Health Care Devices WG was established to coordinate and facilitate the integration of health care devices to ensure interoperability and harmonization of data within healthcare entities by:

  • Establishing standardized version 2.x and version 3 content to support health care device interoperability at the enterprise level
  • Harmonizing device data models between HL7 and other organizations including ISO/IEEE 11073
  • Harmonizing and coordinating device terminology usage within HL7 components
  • Harmonizing and coordinating device data messaging and interchange syntax
  • Working with the FHIR project to create device related resources consistently with existing device standards, domain information models, and domain use cases and context.
  • Support revision and harmonization of the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI ) Point of Care Test (POCT) and laboratory automation standards
  • General coordination and harmonization between HL7 and other national and international organizations involved in health care device informatics and interoperability
  • Engaging the device informatics ecosystem to participate in standards development efforts including medical device manufacturers, information integrators, and data consumers.

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Phone: +1 858-442-9200
IM: ToddCooperAFC
Position: Executive Director
Location: San Diego

Term ends Jan 2022

Phone: +44 (0) 1223 793157
Position: Integration Engineer
Location: Bristol, UK

Term ends Dec 2021

Phone: 301-975-5248
Position: Supervisory Computer Scientist
Department: Information Technology Laboratory, Systems and Software Division, Systems Interoperability Group

Term ends Dec 2022

Term ends Dec 2022

Phone: +1 (978) 659-3024
Position: Consultant
Location: Cambridge, MA, USA

Term ends Dec 2022

Term ends Dec 2021

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