Chair:  Chris Courville

Scribe: John Rhoads

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Koichiro Matsumoto

Nihon Kohden
Sungkee Lee
HL7 Korea
Stefan KarlStefan KarlPhilips
Todd CooperTodd Cooper
Ken FuchsKenneth FuchsDräger
Chris CourvilleChris CourvilleEpic
Michelle BarryMichelle BarryAvaility
John RhoadsJohn RhoadsPhilips

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)
Management Minutes ApprovalMeeting opened at 9:00 ET. Minutes review and approval deferred to next meeting
MethodologyVote on merging Anesthesia WG, Anesthesia WG co-chairs

Moved (Cooper) and seconded (Rhoads) that Anesthesia WG be merged with Devices WG. Members of HL7 Devices WG present, 6, votes in favor, 6, against 0, abstentions 0.

ManagementProject Scope Statement Proposals (Todd Cooper)

Todd Coopershowed Project Scope Statement Proposals ("pre-PSS") pages for

  1. PSS-1545, SDC+FHIR Device Interoperability
  2. PSS-1643, FHIR IG for Device Information Client Applications
  3. PSS-1652, Gemini SDPi+FHIR White Papers

He proposes, with others interested, to progress these to full PSSes for WG review and approval at a future meeting

Management Next agendaDiscuss 3-year plans with Martin Hurrell and John Walsh from Anesthesia WG
 Adjourned at 9:50 am ET

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Proposal for Project Scope Statement PSS-1545SDC+FHIR Device Interoperability
Proposal for Project Scope Statement PSS-1643
Proposal for Project Scope Statement PSS-1652Gemini SDPi+FHIR White Papers


  • Todd Cooper determine next steps with preliminary Project Scope Statement to carry them forward to full PSS state

  • John Rhoads Consult with Martin Hurrell and John Walsh on scheduling of and agenda for next meeting