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Chair:  @John Rhoads

Scribe: @John Rhoads





XStefan KarlPhilips
XJohn DyerDraeger
XPaul SchluterCenter for Medical Interoperability
XJavier EspinaPhilips
XMichael FaughnPrometheus Computing, for National Institute for Standards and Technology
XKoichiro MatsumotoNihon Kohden
XJohn RhoadsHL7 DEV Co-chair, Philips

A quorum being present, the 2020 Mtg Minutes -February Sydney, Australia Joint IEEE/HL7-HCD WG Meetings (see also Attendance, Agenda) were opened and inspected line by line by the group

After this review, a motion that the Minutes be approved as present was proposed by Paul Schluter and seconded by Stefan Karl. There were none opposed, one abstention, and five affirmative votes

The meeting was then adjourned.