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Project Information


HL7 SDOH CC FHIR IG Public Meeting Canceled Wednesday, October 28th

Housing Consensus Voting on Oct. 29, 2020

  • The Housing Instability, Homelessness, and Inadequate Housing sets will all be voted upon in the next community meeting on Thursday, October 29th.
  • View the Housing Instability and Homelessness Master List here. View the Inadequate Housing Master List here.
  • View Gravity’s consensus process here.
  • Voting will take place via poll through the Webex platform during the community meeting. If anyone votes “yes with comment” or “formal objection”, they will be expected to email comments to within a week.

ONC USCDI Submission

Congratulations to the Gravity Project for completing the SDOH submission to USCDI. This is a major accomplishment. We greatly appreciate the interests and contributions from the Gravity community in this effort. View the submitted letter here.

Updated  Inadequate Housing and Transportation domain Master Lists

The Inadequate Housing domain master list was updated on Monday, October 25th, 2020. View the Inadequate Housing domain master list and screening summary here. The Transportation Insecurity domain master list was updated Monday, October 19th, 2020. View the Transportation Insecurity domain master list here.

ACL Challenge Grant Social Care Referrals Applications due Dec. 14, 2020

The Administration of Community Living (ACL) has grants available to create and modernize health IT platforms to foster connections between health care systems and community-based organizations in support of holistic health and social care for older adults and people with disabilities. The grant supports the testing and implementation of the Gravity Project identified standards. See the challenge details here. To learn more about the grant requirements, refer to the July 28th webinar here

New SDOH Coding submissions and NEW LOINC Publication 

The Gravity Project submissions for new food insecurity codes to LOINC, ICD-10, and SNOMED-CT are available here.

On June 22nd, the Gravity Project's first coding system submission to Regenstrief was accepted and published. The three USDA screeners are now available as part of the new LOINC V2.68 release. Users of LOINC can now enter the new code 95246-5 to see the 18 question version.

New HHS SDOH COVID-19 Collaboration Site

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has announced a new website that will be focused on using SDOH data to fight COVID-19. The core objective of this collaboration site is to identify actions HHS can implement in the next three months that will help HHS:

  • Understand risk patterns and develop social and medical interventions.

  • Manage healthcare capacity before, during, and after COVID-19.

  • Help state and local governments collaborate with academia, private sector, healthcare providers, and civil society.

  • Address shortcomings in data collection and data sharing to fight the pandemic.

To view the HHS website, click here.


Please visit and contribute to the Gravity Project SDOH COVID-19 Response page, where you'll find a blog and other resources.  Anyone can view the blog, but a Confluence login is required for those who wish to post blog content.  Click here for instructions on how to request a Confluence login.  Email for login and technical support. 

Social Media

The Gravity Project is now official on social media! We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. We will be using the social media platforms for relevant project and SDOH data integration related communications. Help us spread the word!

Project Overview

The Social Interventions Research and Evaluation Network (SIREN), with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and in partnership with EMI Advisors, LLC, launched the Gravity Project in May 2019. The Gravity Project convenes stakeholders across the country through an open and transparent collaborative process where they develop and test consensus-based standards to facilitate SDOH data capture and exchange across a variety of systems and settings of care and social services. 

The Gravity Project seeks to identify data elements and associated value sets to represent SDOH information documented in electronic health records (EHRs) across four clinical activities: screening, diagnosis, goal setting, and intervention activities. The Project deliverables are:

  • Develop use cases that guide the development of standards to support SDOH data capture and exchange; 
  • Identify common data elements and their associated value sets to support the use cases;
  • Develop a consensus-based set of recommendations on how best to capture and group these data elements for interoperable electronic exchange and aggregation;
  • Collaborate with coding and terminology organizations to address coding gaps identified and apply for new codes;
  • Develop, test, and ballot HL7 FHIR Implementation Guide(s) based on the defined use cases and coded data sets; and 
  • Develop Reference Implementation(s) to support real-world pilots and implementations.

Project objectives will be accomplished through bi-weekly virtual meetings and collaborative project product development through the HL7 project confluence page.

Project Timeline

Upcoming Gravity Project Meeting

DateTimeTopicWebinar InformationHomework Documents and Links
29 Oct. 20204:00-5:30pm ET 1:00-2:30pm PT

Housing Instability and Homelessness & Inadequate Housing: Consensus Vote

Transportation Insecurity: 

Transportation Concepts

Financial Strain:

Financial Strain Concepts

Education, Veteran Status, and Employment Kickoff

Please log on before dialing in and enter the provided participant ID.


Dial-In:  (415)655-0003

Meeting ID:  738 112 808

Password (for app users):  gravity

Submit: Transportation Insecurity Concepts

Submit: Financial Strain Concepts

Submit: Education, Veteran Status, and Employment Concepts

Click here for project documentation and deliverables.

Join the Gravity Project!

The success of the Gravity Project depends on the contribution of volunteers who are eager to make rapid progress on the standardization of social determinants of health data.  We need experts to contribute to and validate definitions for SDH related data elements and value sets. Participants are asked to join the project at any time either as a Committed Member or Other Interested Party as part of the HL7 Consensus Process.  To join the project, sign up here.  

  • To check your project membership status, click here.  If you wish to change your membership from Other Interested Party to Committed Member, please send an email request to .
  • NOTE:  Both member types can submit comments on project documentation.  However, only Committed Members may vote on final documentation.  If you would like to have voting rights, please change your membership status or join the project as a Committed Member.

Project Contacts

Evelyn GallegoProgram ManagerEMI Advisors,
Carrie LousbergProject ManagerEMI Advisors,
Marissa RiceCommunications AnalystEMI Advisors, 
Sara BehalProject AnalystEMI Advisors,
Bob DierterleTechnical DirectorEnable Care
Linda HydeValue Sets Subject Matter ExpertEMI Advisors,
Sarah DeSilveyClinical Informatics Director
Mark SavageSDOH Policy


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