Thank you to Civitas and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their support of the Pilots Workstream! 


The goal of the Pilot Workstream is to drive implementation of Gravity Project terminology and technical standards and evaluate these standards for continuous improvement.

  • Gravity Pilots Affinity Group: A peer-to-peer learning forum for entities participating in the real-world testing of Gravity standards. Sign up here.
  • Supported Pilots: Intentional relationships offering technical assistance to pilot teams and direct feedback on Gravity deliverables.

Pilots Participation Levels

Participant Level (click links below to view participant list)Description
Pilot Observers
  • Participate in Affinity Group meetings. 
  • Requires no commitment to testing/implementing the Gravity standards.
Pilot Members
  • Participant in Affinity Group meetings.
  • AND committed to actively testing/ implementing Gravity standards in real-world settings.
  • Requires no commitment to give Gravity feedback on products/workstreams.
  • Community-Supported Pilots (i.e. non-RWJF funded pilot teams implementing Gravity standards). 
  • May not want/need direct TA but want to engage.
Supported Pilot Partners
  • Participant in Affinity Group meetings.
  • AND committed to actively testing/ implementing Gravity standards in real-world settings.
  • AND required to actively partner with the Gravity project team on evaluation, design, and shared learning (Grant-Supported Pilots).

Three-Tiered Piloting Approach

Three-Tiered Piloting Approach. The Gravity Project adopts an incremental testing approach for data standards implementation. Each tier builds off the previous tier with the goal of meeting participants where they are at in creating capacity for an interoperable data exchange infrastructure. 

  • Tier I: Validating terminology value sets, the minimum requirement for Gravity Pilot testing.
  • Tier II: Exchanging the data capture using Gravity terminology value sets and established content and transport standards.
  • Tier III: Implementing Gravity SDOH Clinical Care FHIR standards.

Gravity Terminology Track = Tier I and Tier II aim to validate that the terminology value sets are useful and meaningful. 

Gravity Technical (SDOH Clinical Care FHIR IG) Track = Tier III aims to validate that the HL7 SDOH CC FHIR IG profiles can be used to message between systems. 

Meeting Schedule 

Pilots Affinity Group meetings will be held once a month for 90 minutes. The full meeting schedule and materials are here.




Webinar Information

November 30, 2023

2:30pm-4:00pm ET

Pilots Affinity Group Meeting

  • Welcome
  • Announcements 
  • Gravity Pilot updates
  • NACHC Presentation
  • Pima County Presentation
  • Open Discussion
  • Next Steps 

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