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Prep-sessions will build familiarity with the material and roles for Gravity SDOH-CC Track at HL7 Connectathons and Interopathon. (Full schedule and registration information is available on the Gravity FHIR IG page.) Track Participants are encouraged to take part in a series of workshop sessions designed to prepare for SDOH participation.


  • Lisa Nelson (MaxMD)


  • Prepare for the upcoming Connectathon
  • Create examples ahead of time

Conference Call information:

You can also dial in using your phone.
(For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2073
- One-touch: tel:+18773092073,,454082317#<tel:+18773092073,,454082317>

United States: +1 (571) 317-3129
- One-touch: tel:+15713173129,,454082317#<tel:+15713173129,,454082317>

Access Code: 454-082-317

Meeting Schedule:

Wednesdays at 3:00pm ET
February 26, March 4, March 25, April 1, April 15, April 29. 

Agendas and Recordings



  • Gravity Project Overview
    • Review Connectathon Testing Schedule
    • One-Page “Quick Tip” Sheet
  • Participant Roles for Use Case 1       
    • PMEHR           
    • Screening App           
    • Clinical Data R/R
  • Security assumptions for Connectathon
  • “Participant Option” for otherwise “Observers”
  • Important Links and Information
  • Next Steps Checklist
  • Roll call – Organization Name; What actor might your organization’s system play at Connectathon?
  • PMEHR interactions with Screening App      
  • Review the Actors and Transactions
  • Step through a Connectathon demo example
  • Review the Use Case 1 Message examples and transactions
  • Important Links and Information

Wednesday, March 25

Slide deck


  • PMEHR interactions with Screening App      
  • Important Links and Information
    • Link to recordings
    • Link for form builder
    • Link to Master List with Temporary Codes
  • Review Message, Task, [x]Request
  • PMEHR documenting SDOH information in a clinical care encounter

Wednesday, April 1



Wednesday, April 15
  • Review of OAuth 2.0 implementation considerations;
  • Options for the “patient participant” role
  • Review Connectathon Testing supported by Aegis.
Wednesday, April 29

Participation Logistics-what to expect, Final Questions

Use Case 1:

Use Case 1 Message and Transactions: 

  1. Initiate Screening Task

      2. Return Screen

  1.  Consent provided by patient
  2. Consent not provided by patient

    3. Update Screening Task

    4. Communication Request

  1.  CDA document request
  2. FHIR composition resource request
  3. FHIR Screening questionnaire response request

    5. Communication Response

  1. CDA document response
  2. FHIR composition resource response
  3. FHIR Screening questionnaire response

Use Case 1 Message and Transaction Examples, Screening Questionnaire Example,

and Master List of Screening Instruments with Coded Data Elements (existing and temporary codes where needed):



Questionnaire Resource Example
Questionnaire_Hunger_Vital_ Sign_Example_1.xmlQuestionnaire_Hunger_Vital_ Sign_Example_1.json
1 Initiate Screening Task
2.1 Return Screen Consent provided by patient
2.2 Return Screen Consent not provided by patient
3. Update Screening Task
4.1 Communication Request CDA Document Request
4.2 Communication Request FHIR composition resource request
4.3 Communication Request FHIR Screening questionnaire response request
5.1 Communication Response CDA document response
5.2 Communication Response FHIR composition resource response
5.3 Communication Response  Screening questionnaire response
SDOHCC Existing and Temporary Codes for Screening Instruments

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