ONC announced the United States Core for Data Interoperability (USCDI) was open for submissions through October 23, 2020. The Gravity Project formally submitted our collective work as a new SDOH data class. Members of the Gravity Community also made submissions building on the Gravity Project’s work.

The Gravity Project created a formal submission of our collective work, and has drafted a letter on behalf of the Gravity Project to include with the data element submission. 

On November 4, ONC categorized our submitted SDOH data class as Level 2:

  • Level 2 data elements demonstrate extensive existing use in systems and exchange between systems, and use cases that show significant value to current and potential users. These data elements would clearly improve nationwide interoperability. Any burdens or challenges would be reasonable to overcome relative to the overall impact of the data elements.
  • Level 2 data classes/elements will be considered for USCDI V2 Draft based on ONC assessment of a number of factors, including impacts for potential users, maturity of data and technical standards/implementation specifications, burden for implementation, etc.

Click here to download Gravity Project's Letter submitted to accompany the USCDI Submission (Updated 10/28/2020).

Click here to view Gravity Project's submission posting on the USCDI website. 

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