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Thank you to the following organizations for their support of the Gravity Pilots Affinity Group!


The Gravity Pilots Affinity Group is a peer-to-peer learning forum for entities participating in the real-world testing of Gravity terminology and technical standards. Each participating pilot serves as a feasibility study or experimental trial launched on a relatively small scale to help an organization learn how a large-scale project might work in practice. Testing Gravity standards include everything from using Gravity social risk terminology for the care of patients and clients across four primary care activities–screening, diagnosis, goal setting, and interventions- to exchanging social determinants of health (SDOH) information across the health and human services ecosystem while promoting individual privacy, safety, security, and accountability for patient records.

The Gravity Project invites entities to participate in testing the Gravity-defined coded concepts (Terminology Dashboard) and/or the HL7 SDOH Clinical Care FHIR IG (Technical Dashboard) STU1 and/or STU2. More information on the pilot system roles can be found in the HL7 SDOH Clinical Care FHIR IG Capability Statements and the following table:

System Role TypesDescription
Coordination Platform Systems that receive information from and update information in SDOH clinical care referral sources.
Patient ApplicationSystems acting as apps for patients and caregivers who need to monitor progress on SDOH referrals and may need to take actions such as filling out forms, booking appointments, etc.
Referral Recipient 

These are typically community-based organization systems that can provide services such as food bank access, housing remediation, etc.

Referral Recipient  - LightSystems acting as ‘light-weight’ SDOH clinical care ‘referral recipients’. The light clinical care referral recipient needs to access information from and update information in SDOH clinical care referral sources and/or coordination platforms that have solicited the filling of SDOH-related referrals by this system.
Referral SourceThese are typically EHR or Payer systems that initiate the process of identifying patients with SDOH needs and requesting appropriate services.

Join the Pilots Affinity Group

Sign up to join the Pilots Affinity Group here

We aim to foster a collaborative learning experience for pilot participants and the Gravity community at large to share successes, ongoing challenges, seek/find partnerships, and learn together while testing and piloting Gravity standards.

Participation Levels:

  • Observers: These individuals actively participate in the monthly group meetings and follow the progress of the pilot participants. There is no commitment to testing the standards.
  • Pilot Participants: These are entities that commit to testing the Gravity standards in real-world settings. At a minimum, participants will test one primary use case within a 6-to-12-month period. Interested entities must assess their terminology implementation and FHIR adoption and capabilities. This role provides the opportunity to actively support a community that is advancing the implementation of critical consensus-driven data standards that supports the collection, use, and exchange of social care data. 

Gravity Project Pilot Partners

Name of Organization

Grantor / Sponsor

Team Lead

Gravity Project Tiered Testing Approach


Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) / HL7 Cooperative Agreement

Ned Mossman

Tier III


ONC / HL7 Cooperative Agreement

Andrew Hamilton, Shannon Pohl, Nicole Padula

Tier III

The University of Texas at Austin

ONC Leading Edge Acceleration Projects

Eliel Oliveira

Tier III

District of Columbia (DC) Community Resource Information Exchange (CoRIE)

Self-funded- Open to funding opportunities

Aida Semere, Asfiya Mariam, David Poms

Tier II

Are you looking to join a pilot? Please see our list of pilot participants seeking partnerships here. Contact for more information.

Pilot Use Cases

Gravity Pilot Participants will focus on a minimum of one primary use case. Each pilot participant will self-select a use case depending on the identified capabilities and tier placement.

Three-Tiered Piloting Approach. The Gravity Project adopts an incremental testing approach for data standards implementation. Each tier builds from the next with the goal of meeting participants where they are at in creating capacity for an interoperable data exchange infrastructure. 

  • Tier I: Validating coded terminology sets, the minimum requirement for Gravity Pilot testing.
  • Tier II: Exchanging the data capture using Gravity terminology value sets and established content and transport standards.
  • Tier III: Implementing Gravity SDOH Clinical Care FHIR standards.

Gravity Terminology Track = Tier I and Tier II aim to validate that the coded terminology sets are useful and meaningful even if incomplete. 

Gravity Technical (SDOH Clinical Care FHIR IG) Track = Tier III aims to validate that the HL7 SDOH Clinical Care FHIR IG profiles can be used to message between systems. 

Pilot Execution  Materials



This tiered pilot approach defines the incremental tiers for Gravity standards (terminology and technical) testing. Our approach will allow entities with limited health IT standards adoption to reach attainable milestones during Piloting Phases. Interested entities/organizations may participate at any tier.

This tool is designed to assist potential Gravity Project pilot settings in assessing their capacity and capability for testing Gravity Project standards in line with a three-tier pilot approach. One can use the tool to assess both internal and collaborative systems readiness. The tool can also serve as a resource when looking for potential Gravity Project Pilot partners.

Gravity Project terminology and technical standards are defined by three overarching use cases:

  1. Document SDOH Data in Conjunction with the Patient Encounter
  2. Document and Track SDOH Related Interventions to Completion
  3. Gather and Aggregate SDOH Data for Uses Beyond the Point of Care

Gravity Pilots partners will self-select a minimum of one primary use case depending on the identified capabilities and tier placement. 

SDOH CC STU1_Gravity Pilots-FHIR Implementation Assessment

The purpose of this document is to:

  • Assess the Pilot readiness for implementation.
  • Support Pilot implementation plans.
  • Support Pilot implementation’s testing plans.
  • Evaluate Pilot SDOH Clinical Care internal workflow as it relates to the HL7 SDOH Clinical Care (CC) Implementation Guide (IG).
  • Inform the HL7 SDOH Clinical Care IG by providing interoperability guidance and identifying gaps.  

Internal System/App Functionally and Workflow Considerations  

This document considers activities within and across systems. It is important to consider workflow when there is a need to:

  • Share information,
  • Coordinate data across systems, and/or
  • Define allowed actions, dependencies, and conditions on behavior.

This shortlist of questions will assist the Gravity Pilots participants in determining levels of adoption as well as adoption needs. It also provides a list of discrete strategies that can serve as “building blocks” for constructing multifaceted, multilevel implementation strategies for implementation efforts.

This PowerPoint template will be used by all Pilot partners to report on their progress and key lessons learned during our Gravity Pilots Affinity Group public calls. Each Pilot partner will deliver a presentation on a monthly basis. 

This one pager and slide deck provide an overview of the Gravity Pilots Affinity Group. 

Meeting Schedule 

Pilots Affinity Group meetings will be held once a month for 90 minutes. The full meeting schedule and materials are here.




Webinar Information

January 26, 20232:30pm-4:00pm ET

Pilots Affinity Group Meeting #4

  • Welcome
  • Pilot Presentations
  • Open Discussion
  • Next Steps

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 856 1522 1665

Find your local number:

Key Contacts 




Contact Information

Gabriela GonzalezPilots Lead EMI
Demri Toop HendersonAnalystEMI
Himali SaitwalTerminology Subject Matter ExpertEMI 

Bret Heale

Technical Subject Matter Expert

EMI Contractor (Elimu) 

Sarah DeSilvey

Gravity Project Terminology Director

University of Vermont

Jim ShalabyChief Informatics ConsultantAMA Contractor (Elimu)

Monique van BerkumDirector, Global Terminology Content DevelopmentAMA

Corey SmithVP, Informatics and Digital ProductsAMA

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