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Questions about news media contacts, Subject Matter Expert interviews and quotes, media mentions and social media, educational outreach, or general Gravity Project communications should be directed to:

The Gravity Project was initiated in November 2018 by SIREN with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to convene broad stakeholder groups in identifying and harmonizing social risk factor data for interoperable electronic health information exchange.

Identity Standards and Guidelines

The Gravity Project logo consists of the crescent moon shape with a blue gradient, “Gravity Project” and the trademarked symbol, Ⓡ.

When the Gravity Project logo is enlarged or reduced, the proportions must remain the same.

When used in print, only high-resolution versions of the logo may be used.

Gravity Project Name

When referring to the project, the name “Gravity Project” must be used (not The Gravity Project).

External Use 

Gravity Project is a registered trademark. The use of the trademark “Gravity Project” without authorization is prohibited. 

External person(s) or companies that are not within the Gravity Project must receive written permission for logo usage.

Antitrust Practices

Gravity Project participants have the responsibility to comply fully with federal and state antitrust laws.

Individuals speaking or providing written communications shall refrain from any discussion which may provide the basis for an inference that they have agreed to take any action relating to prices, services, production and allocation of markets or any other matter having a market effect.  

Participants shall not discuss their pricing or others’ pricing or any term that might affect pricing or fees, such as costs, discounts, terms of sales or profit margins.  

Adherence to these guidelines involves not only avoidance of antitrust violations, but avoidance of behavior that might be so construed.

Anti-Marketing Practices

The Gravity Project’s goals and information sharing practices (see above) require the open sharing of information and the highest level of trust.

To maintain these levels of trust and to create a community that focuses on the delivery of common solutions to selected use cases, Gravity Project participants shall refrain from marketing their (individual or company) services/products to other Gravity Project participants during any Gravity Project meeting, call, or activity, or using any Gravity Project communications channel (email list, website, etc.).

Gravity Project members shall not advocate, during any Gravity Project meeting or through Gravity Project communications channel, that other Gravity Project members should use their products or services as an alternative to completing or piloting the deliverables for a use case.

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