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General Participation

Can I participate in the Gravity Project? How?

Individuals are encouraged to attend workgroup sessions whether they wish to actively participate and contribute to the development of project deliverables or simply follow the progress of the project to inform other work.  Information about the upcoming workgroup session is posted here.

We are looking forward to a broad, diverse stakeholder group with varying levels of commitment.  

  • Committed Member: participants who can regularly participate in weekly project meetings and actively contribute to the development and review of project deliverables. These individuals will be expected to vote on all project deliverables.
  • Other Interested Party: participants who intend to follow the progress of the project as observers and participate in project discussions. These individuals will be able to submit comments on a project deliverable but not cast a vote during a deliverable consensus voting period.

To join as a Committed Member or Other Interested Party, visit the Join the Gravity Project page.

How do I check my Gravity Project membership status?

To check your membership status, visit the Gravity Project Membership List.  You can sort this list by clicking on the name or organization headings.  

How can I change my membership status?

Please email if you need to change your membership status.

How do I contribute to the Relevant Work list?

If you are aware of related work or other resources in social determinants of health, please email your suggestions to

Workgroup Sessions

How do I access workgroup session materials?

Meeting materials and session recordings are posted on the  Gravity Project Materials Confluence page following each meeting.  They are typically posted within 1 to 2 business days after each session.

What do I do if I can’t hear or am having technical difficulties?

First, please try exiting the WebEx meeting and signing in again.  This often resolves audio problems.  If you still can’t hear or can’t access the meeting, please email

I joined the project, but I’m not receiving meeting invitations by email.

Meeting information is made available on the Gravity Project Confluence home page.  

The Webex URL and dial-in are the same each week. We encourage participants to add this information to their calendars as a recurring event for convenience.

I joined the project, but I’m not receiving emails.

We update our membership database on a weekly basis.  Individuals who have joined the project as members are sent a follow up email after each workgroup meeting.  If you have signed up prior to a weekly Thursday workgroup meeting, please expect to receive an email following that meeting.

If you do not receive an email following the weekly Thursday workgroup meeting, please check your spam or clutter folder(s).  Due to the volume of participants in our distribution list, our emails are sometimes redirected from your inbox.  If you still cannot find any messages, please email

To join the weekly Thursday workgroup meetings, please use the Webex information found on the Gravity Project home page.

The Webex URL and dial-in are the same each week. We encourage participants to add this information to their calendars as a recurring event for convenience.

Data Element Submission

How do I submit Data Elements and Value Sets?

Instructions for submitting data element concepts and value sets are found on the Data Element Submission page.

What if I’m submitting Data Elements and Value Sets for more than one domain?

You are welcome to submit them at any time.  Please save the submission for each domain in a separate file, named according to the instructions on the Data Element Submission page.

Commenting and Voting on Gravity Project Documents

How do I comment during review periods?

Documents for review will be be posted on their own pages under The Gravity Project Materials section of this web site.  Instructions for commenting or voting will be posted with each document.  You will need an HL7 Confluence account in order to comment or vote.

How do I sign up for an HL7 Confluence account?

Committed members will receive a JIRA Account email from containing their username (standardized as "first_last") and a link to set up a password.  Please click on the "Set My Password" button in that email to finalize your account setup. 

Other Interested Party members and non-members can request a Confluence account at any time using the instructions in this document.

How does voting work?

Instructions for voting will be posted with the relevant form under The Gravity Project Materials.

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