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Lisa R. Nelson

Corey Smith
Monique van Berkum
Jim Shalaby

Cheng Liu

Matt Elrod
Becky Gradl
Matt Menning

Natasha Kreisle

Tanvi Shah

Theresa Bessette


Governance WS: NIB for Sept Ballot must be started June 1, 2020 and completed by June 30, 2020.

  1. Consistent name for the IG - all lowercase from Trifolia, GitHub and 
    1. Many IGs such as US Core are moving towards using the package id as the as well. That would mean renaming SDOH-CC to
  2. 1 IG Home Page

    1. Restate Level of Dependence (only on US Core) and commitment to alignment with other relevant work

    2. Restate Purpose to focus on content Resources only
    3. Highlight the needed and assumptions or challenges regarding the need for EHR systems to accept information into their systems and share it out
    4. Questions about the need for push-based workflows in addition to pull-based mechanisms
  3. 2.1 Gravity Project Background

  4. 2.2 SDOH-CC Background

  5. 2.3 Personas and Patient Stories

    1. 2.3.1 Patient Story 1 Personas

    2. 2.3.2 Patient Story 1

  6. 2.4 SDOH Coded Content

    1. Eliminate content than is workflow related, only include core content
  7. 2.5 Use Cases, System and Technical Actors -Reduce Use Case documentation to focus on Use Case 1 and Use Case 2

    1. 2.5.1 Use Case 1

    2. 2.5.2 Use Case 2

    3. 2.5.3 Use Case 3

  8. 2.6 Overview of Data Sharing Methods

  9. 2.7 Data Provenance

    1. Add Data Provenance information consistent with US Core Lisa R. Nelson
      1. Guidance on Historical Provenance in ServiceRequest
  10. 2.8 Privacy, Security and Consent Considerations

    1. Need to add section on Privacy and Consent
      1. Based on TAC information developed  Lisa R. Nelson  
  11. 2.9 Additional Conformance Considerations

  12. 2.10 Overview of Capability Statements

    1. Status of narrative - Lisa R. Nelson 
    2.  Create CapabilityStatement Profile  once agreement is reached on narrative. 
      1. Capability Statement from Lloyd .xml
      2. Additional search parameters (Jim)
        1. Need to find the capability statement for SDC
  13. 2.11 Naming Conventions for Implementation Guide Artifacts

  14. 2.12 About SDOH-CC Master List, Temporary Code System, and Temporary Codes

    1. Procedure does not yet support CPT and HCPCS

    2. Expectation for ICD-10 codes for diagnoses?

      1. Encounter Diagnosis profile?
      2. Reference Material for how to use ICD-10 codes
  15. Chapter 3 Artifact Index:
      1. Discuss use of additional US Core Profiles for Use Case 1 Scene three - Lisa R. Nelson
        1. Expand the instructions on how to do data and document requests
    1. Profiles: 
      1. SDOHCC Questionnaire FoodInsecurity
      2. SDC QuestionnaireResponse FoodInsecurity

      3. SDOHCC Consent FoodInsecurity

      4. SDOHCC Observation FoodInsecurity

      5. SDOHCC Condition FoodInsecurity

      6. SDOHCC Goal FoodInsecurity

      7. SDOHCC Procedure FoodInsecurity

      8. SDOHCC ServiceRequest FoodInsecurity (Coming in From Use Case 2)

    2. ValueSets
      1. Any additional changes needed for v0.0.5 for naming value sets?
        1. Need to update value sets if naming convention is now correct 
    3. Code Systems
      1. SDOHCC IdentifierSystem Temporary Identifiers 
        1. Need correct display for Temporary identifiers. 
          1. { "code" : "task-1587153359", "display" : "task-1587153359" }, { "code" : "local-ehr-65d310b8-6235-4f47-8d45", "display" : "local-ehr-65d310b8-6235-4f47-8d45" }, { "code" : "MaxMDDemoEhrEndpoint-local", "display" : "MaxMDDemoEhrEndpoint-local" }, { "code" : "MaxMDDemoPayerCoverage-Alice-local", "display" : "MaxMDDemoPayerCoverage-Alice-local" }, { "code" : "request-20200218154321-220t7e66rjptstodlp0tjsor05", "display" : "request-20200218154321-220t7e66rjptstodlp0tjsor05"
      2. Temporary Code System:
    4. Examples:Expectation for ICD-10 codes for diagnoses?
  16. Error-free build (Natasha, Cheng)
    1. Suppress errors -  Trifolia Cheng Liu Dependant on Lantana


  1. BSeR content (Becky Gradland Lisa R. Nelson)
    2. Additional Clinical Statement Patterns (question) (Monique review clinical statement profiles patterns from BSeR)
    3. Documentation and profiles for ServiceRequest Message and ServiceRequest Feedback Message (Yan)
  2. Ongoing progress from AND (Becky)
    1. Referral Service Request Clinical Statements 
    2. Referral Service Request Feedback Clinical Statements  


  1. The notion of push mechanisms is at risk
    1. No EHR looking at push until 2022. Will support query, but not push. 
    2. Divinci changed to pull instead of push
    3. Core position- how to represent SDOH information, focus on resources and not the exchange mechanism. 
    4. Need to find other places where push is needed and/or vendors interested in push.
  2. Updated the FHIR resources on the main Gravity Technical Workstream page to show current use.
  3. Lisa and Corey to discuss CapabilityStatements
    1. Possible to go to ballot without them
    2. base spec - can't be referenced. but US Core Capability Statements. 
  4. Expressed concerns regarding linkages between Intervention and billable codes.
    1. Currently food SDOH is being tracked and billed
    2. Claims - eventually will be incorporated. Future planning. 
    3. Request real examples from interested parties Corey Smith
  5. Naming of Examples still need to be fixed - esp for the ones that the other Examples are dependant upon
  6. Example "about" chapter will be added to the IG. 
    1. Jim will work on mindmap/description - FOCUS on Friday call
  7. Service Request profile. – FOCUS for next Tue Scrum. 
  8. procedure.code - next Thur

Updated/New Key Assumptions

Summary of Key Decisions Made

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