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Lisa R. Nelson

Corey Smith
Monique van Berkum
Jim Shalaby

Cheng Liu

Matt Elrod
Becky Gradl
Matt Menning

Natasha Kreisle



  1. Discussed what the recommendation should be for the LOINC observation for Food Insecurity
    1. Ongoing discussion of LOINC vs SNOMED CT for this Assessment Observation
      1. Monique made comments about what does the information in the MASTER LIST mean.
      2. We need to show the data elements needed for the:
        1. Screening Questions/Answers
        2. Assessment Observation
        3. Diagnosis (Condition) 
        4. Goal 
      3. The list needs to be clear which is the data element and what the other things mean to be on the same row.
        1. WE need to clarify that column D is the conceptual data element and then only codes that represent that data element with fidelity should be "mapped" to the concept and
        2. Coded concepts from other Codes Systems should not be on a single row when the concepts are not semantically equivalent.
      4. We don't think the LOINC
  2. Discuss artifact naming and impact of HL7 request to NOT USE Accelerator Program names in naming conventions
    1. Team agreed to take this feedback as input on V0.0.1 and that we would address it before 1/30/2020 v0.0.2
      1. Many changes will be needed in many places.
        1. Naming conventions
        2. Placeholder codes chapter
        3. Profiles Names
        4. Value Set Names
        5. Code System Names
        6. Placeholder Codes
      2. Consider using SDOHCC as a unique "name space" identifier to replace GRV or Gravity.
      3. We will need to do to meet guidance provided by HL7's, but giving the additional time will make this more feasible and it can be integrated with other changes
  3. Announce - BSeR draft for review delayed to 12/19 
    1. Need to move meeting from 12/16 to another time:  What works best: 12/21, 12/23, 12/30, 1/6?
  4. FYI - Aiming to have a complete list of Profiles we aim to create and who is working on each one and correct name:
    1. SDOH_Assessment_Observation_1 Profile (Monique)
    2. SDOH_Condition_1 Profile (Monique)
    3. US Core Condition
    4. SDOH_Goal_1 Profile (Monique)
    5. SDOH_CarePlan 1 Profile (Monique)
    6. Intervention Profiling? SDOH Food Insecurity Procedure ? (Monique and Lisa - prelim talks today)
      1. BSeR? ServiceRequest
      2. US Core Procedure
    7. SDC Questionnaire (Cheng/Yan)
    8. SDC QuestionnaireResponse (Cheng/Yan)
    9. Endpoint
    10. SDOH Bundle Task List Questionnaire
    11. SDOH Consent
    12. SDOH Task
    13. SDOH List
    14. US Core Basic set of entity profiles (Patient, PractitionerRole, Practitioner, Organization, Location)
    15. US Core Encounter
    16. C-CDA on FHIR profiles on Composition (for C-CDA structured document types)
    17. DocumentReference
    18. Binary
  5. Open issues for SDOH-CC V0.0.1?
    1. URL issue with Trifolia
      1. Problems pointing to the US Core Profiles.  
        1. Monique provides new URLs
        2. Connonical URL problems - using the connonical url from the profile is not behaving correctly
          1. Cheng may try a workaround - to load the profile into Trifolia
          2. Cheng will contact Lantana to see if they can address this.
      2. Remnants (old pointers in Forge Profile Definition) need to be cleared out of Forge so that no references to profiles of resources that are not needed will be referenced.
        1. For now we should remove lower constraints on an element that we are prohibiting via 0..0 cardinality.
      3. Need to add a statement to a Value Set Definition that says, "This value set is used in the following profiles:" just before showing the names of the profiles where the value set is used.
      4. Monique has formatting problems where in the IG the copy does not have the same bulletting as in the Word Document.
        1. Natasha is working on this....


Notes made within the agenda

Updated/New Key Assumptions

Summary of Key Decisions Made

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