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Lisa R. Nelson

Corey Smith
Monique van Berkum
Jim Shalaby

Cheng Liu


Rob Hausam



  1. Review the Placeholder Codes and how to create codes for needed concepts
    1. How to document needed Code Systems
    2. How to document needed Value Sets for SDC Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse
  2. Review Jim's mindmaps for CarePlan resource
  3. Update on draft profile for:
    1. SDOH_Observation_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
      1. Ability to reference a QuestionnaireResponse resource?
    2. SDOH_Condition_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
      1. Severity
      2. Temporality - not needed yet, but should we suggest the profiling approach that would be followed?
    3. SDOH Goal_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
    4. SDOH Outcome Evaluation Observation 1 ? 
    5. SDOH FoodInsecurity CarePlan 1
    6. Intervention Profiling? SDOH Food Insecurity Procedure ?
    7. SDC Questionnaire ?
    8. SDC QuestionnaireResponse ?
    9. Procedure
    10. BSeR ServiceRequest
    11. SDOH Consent


Reviewed Jim's mind map.

Updated/New Key Assumptions

Summary of Key Decisions Made

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