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Lisa R. Nelson

Corey Smith
Monique van Berkum
Jim Shallaby

Cheng Liu


Rob Hausam




  1. Update on Trifolia on FHIR Testing (Cheng)
  2. Update on draft profile for:
    1. SDOH_Observation_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
      1. Ability to reference a QuestionnaireResponse resource?
      2. subject →Related Person? Group? 
    2. SDOH_Condition_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
    3. SDOH Goal_FoodInsecurity_1 (Monique)
    4. SDC Questionnaire ?
    5. SDC QuestionnaireResponse ?


For Goal, Jim is going to research his prior work on goal to see how we can advance the use of the goal through its lifecycle. Jim will study more about how the observation ties in.

Not sure how it ties with the observation.  When I observe the criteria is present to indicate the goal is completed, then I mark the Goal Completed. Observations are preceeding the change in the goal.

Goal - a desired outcome for the future.

The Observations are made and documented and these are the evidence that the Goal should be added/changed.

Updated/New Key Assumptions

Summary of Key Decisions Made

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