To be considered by the HL7:IHE Gemini Steering Committee, the Gemini Project Proposal must include:

  1. Succinct description of the project and its constituent workstreams (if more than one)
  2. Committed project team members
  3. Expected deliverables (e.g. white papers, specifications, reference implementation software, other tooling) and the proposed balloting/feedback approach per artifact (HL7 only, IHE only, or joint HL7:IHE)
    1. Note: joint copyright (and attribution/branding) would apply to all artifacts coming out of Gemini projects, as per section 5.0 of the HL7:IHE SOU. A joint ballot is only needed when full review by both communities is sought.
  4. If relevant, the relationship to SDOs other than HL7 and IHE and desired relationship of those SDOs to the expected deliverables
  5. Estimated project timeline
  6. Description of resources needed from IHE and HL7 and resources provided by others (via in-kind or other support).
  7. Long term sustainability plan for the project outcomes (i.e. who will take on the responsibility for maintaining this in the long run?)
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