SDPi - Family of Interoperability Profiles

The IHE Devices "Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Interoperability" (SDPi) family of profiles was borne out of an initiative in "spring" of 2019 when the IHE Devices working group restarted a 10+ year initiative to address device-to-device point-of-care plug-and-play interoperability using the established ISO/IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) standards.  


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What Lays Below ...

SDPi - Framework Model

The following graphic illustrates the specifications framework for the SDPi profiles, including their relationships with other foundational standards and profile specifications upon which they are built.

IHE SDPi Family of Profiles Model

NOTE:  Arrows identify reference / mapping relationships ...

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SDPi Technical Framework Models provides a more detailed rendering of the actors and transactions for these profiles and their dynamic interactions.

Challenging Topics

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IHE DEV Technical Framework SDPi Supplement

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Roadmap & Team Collaboration

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SDPi Roadmap (2020-2023)

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SDPi Team Participants

The following individuals have requested to be included in the SDPi profiles development team:

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SDPi Team Discussion Notes

General weekly web meeting discussion notes are captured on the SDPi+FHIR Meeting Logs & Notes page.