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<landing page to link from this Gemini project to the relevant DoF pages + to have discussions about the specific intersection of the SDPi supplements and the DoF PoCD IG; namely logic that would be integrated into the grouped "gateway" actor between SDC / SDPi and FHIR>

<question:  should there be a similar "home" page for the V2 gateway actor?>

Include link to PSS-1643 draft for Device Information Consumers FHIR IG>

Devices on FHIR - Great visual!  


<links to pages in DoF Space>

What Lays Below ...

FHIR in Gemini SDPi+FHIR Project

<explain the relationship / vision for integration>

  • <Scope of SDC-SDPi vs. FHIR>
  • <reference / application to OTHER SDPi+FHIR narratives, etc.>
  • <testing environments ...HL7/FFoundation toolkits>

SDC + FHIR:  SDPi "PRACtical" Interoperability

<specific project PSS links ... topics ... ???>

<gateway actors>

<review PRACtical>

<link to DoF: Alerting >

What about HL7 V2 "Gateway"?

<integration w/ IHE PCD V2-based profiles>

<leverage v2-to-fhir mapping work>

<PoCD IG w/ v2-to-fhir link>

<Question:  Just map to PCD directly / only or also factor in v2-to-FHIR?>

<Link to SDPi section>