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Starter Home Page

  1. Content in the SDPi TF-3 Content Modules contain descriptions of specific device specializations
  2. TF-3 though is generally protocol agnostic (i.e., TF-2 stuff) and apply across multiple profiles (i.e., TF-1 stuff)
  3. These set of pages provide a home for the device specialization specifications that will initially be in TF-3 BUT
  4. Ultimately may be profile specifications in and of themselves

To Do:

  1. Craft subpages for the existing specializations 
  2. Pull in basic content from the draft SDPi Supplement
  3. Provide sandbox especially for OR devices realized in European / ORNET research & demonstrator projects
  4. Include sections on "device" concepts - link to proposed white paper
  5. Consider a table linking to use cases that may utilize the devices OR characteristics that would help understand their relationship / utilization in various use cases
  6. ...