A joint initiative of HL7 and IHE to advance the use of FHIR for interoperability

What is Project Gemini?

Project Gemini is a joint initiative of HL7 and IHE to advance interoperability. The goal is to identify and pursue pilot projects that focus the people, resources and processes of both organizations to accelerate the implementation of FHIR to address high value use cases. Pilot project activities may include coordinated development, testing and demonstration of standards specifications, including FHIR Resources and Implementation Guides and IHE Profiles.

Gemini Steering Committee Members

Jürgen Brandstätter, IHE (Juergen Brandstaetter )

Christopher Carr, IHE (Christopher Carr)

Dan Vreeman, HL7 (Daniel Vreeman )

Diego Kaminker, HL7 (Diego Kaminker )

The Gemini Steering Committee meets monthly to identify, prioritize, and pursue areas of collaboration where together we can accelerate the implementation of FHIR to address critical interoperability needs.

Contact us at  gemini@fhir.org 

How Project Gemini Works
  1. Any member of HL7 or IHE can submit a Gemini Project Proposal to the Gemini Steering Committee for consideration
  2. The Gemini Steering Committee will review the proposal and consider its alignment with shared strategic directions, resources required and available, and potential value to the industry
  3. Approval by the Gemini Steering Committee requires a majority and at least one member approving from each organization.
  4. Approved Gemini Projects will be granted a shared space on confluence.hl7.org for documenting their project and process
  5. It is expected that most project workstreams (e.g. development of a white paper) will have a primary home in one or the other SDO's governance structure (e.g. an HL7 Work Group or IHE Domain Committee) and will follow the processes established by those structures
    1. Members of both SDOs are welcome and encouraged to participate in the project work.
  6. Gemini Projects will be expected to provide regular progress updates (e.g. quarterly) to the Steering Committee
  7. The Gemini Steering Committee members will work within their organization to ensure that Gemini Project team work has appropriate support (e.g. via tooling updates if needed) to be successful and communication (e.g. via marketing) to achieve recognition in the industry.
  8. The Gemini Steering Committee will work to ensure an adequate plan for maintenance and sustainability is incorporated into Gemini Projects.