Many health information exchange (HIE) projects globally are eager to use FHIR for their architecture, yet there are some "tricky" technical questions that are still unresolved. A variety of local attempts and solutions have been demonstrated, we lack a global blueprint. The purpose of this project is to describe and vet the technical difficulties within the SDO community to provide a consistent way to use the FHIR API. This project intends to address questions such as:

  1. How should I propagate queries across (or even within) domains?
  2. What are the best practices for deploying intermediaries?
  3. How do trust frameworks relate to architectures?

Our goal is to describe a consistent way to use the FHIR API that allows intermediaries to be deployed with minimal impact, such that deployment and security concerns can be addressed faster than software development cycles (smile).


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  • White Paper (HL7)
  • IHE Profiles (IHE) / Implementation Guide(s) (question)
  • Testing events (e.g. Connectathons) (Joint)
  • Tested products (IHE)


Project Kickoff: Monday May 8, 2023 at WGM+

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2023 05 08 - Project Kickoff Meeting Materials

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