This page will be used to record links and artifacts associated with a collaborative project to address global supply chain needs.  The project is a Gemini Collaboration of HL7, IHE and GS1.

An initial meetings was held on Dec. 1, and documents shared by Carl Leitner and José Costa Teixeira.

A list of proposed project core team members is below.  Please add your name if you'd like to join the core team.

Current Project Team members:

Carl Leitner

Jose Costa-Teixeira

Hans Buitendijk

Andy Iverson

Christian Hay

Rachel E. Foerster

Marti Velezis


Supply Chain Model Overview

WHO Smart Vaccination Certificate Working Group

IHE FHIR Artifacts 

Presentation: Linking GS1 and FHIR

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  1. Please add me to the core team for this project. 

    Rachel Foerster

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