This page organizes the Ecosystem Pathway discussion notes for the calendar year 2022 ...

2023 Meetings

2023.09.26 Canceled due to the IEEE 11073 / IHE Devices Meetings in Washington, D.C. 

Gemini 2023-09-19 EP Web Meeting   Special out-of-sequence meeting

2023.09.12 Canceled due to the HL7 Working Group Meetings in Phoenix Arizona

Gemini 2023-08-29 EP Web Meeting 

2023.08.15 Canceled due to August Holidays & Vacations!

Gemini 2023-08-01 EP Web Meeting 

2023.07.18 Canceled due to the 2023.07.17 SDPi 1.2 Developers Workshop  

2023.07.04 Canceled due to U.S. Fourth of July Holiday

Gemini 2023-06-27 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2023-06-20 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2023-05-23 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2023-03-14 EP Web Meeting  

Gemini 2023-02-28 EP Web Meeting  

Gemini 2023-02-14 EP Web Meeting  

Gemini 2023-01-31 EP Web Meeting   

Gemini 2023-01-17 EP Web Meeting  

Gemini 2022-12-20 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-12-06 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-11-22 EP Web Meeting  CANCELED due to U.S. Thanksgiving holiday

Gemini 2022-11-08 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-10-25 EP Web Meeting

2022-10-11  No EP Web meeting due to concurrent SDPi 1.0 workshop in Lübeck

2022-09-27  No EP Web meeting due to concurrent workshop at NIST

2022-09-20 - 23  IEEE / HL7 Working Group Meetings in Baltimore (+ Hybrid)

Gemini 2022-09-13 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-08-30 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-08-16 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-08-02 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-07-19 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-07-05 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-06-21 EP Web Meeting    

2022-06-07 CANCELED due to multiple conflicts

Gemini 2022-05-24 EP Web Meeting

2022-05-10 CANCELED due to multiple conflicts

Gemini 2022-04-26 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-04-12 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-03-29 EP Web Meeting 

Gemini 2022-03-15 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-03-01 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-02-15 EP Web Meeting

Gemini 2022-02-01 EP Web Meeting