Agenda (proposed)

  1. General Updates
    1. PAT #6
    2. IHE Catalyst Study
    3. SysML 2.0 Update
    4. ...
  2. IHE USA "Pathway to Production" & profile-specific CAT Testing
  3. 2022 CA & Tooling Roadmap Review
  4. EP WG Coordination - Topics
  5. RI+MC+RR Update
  6. SDPi Supplement to Test Cases / Test Scripts 
  7. Additional Topics


Todd Cooper  Jan Rizzuto  John Donnelly  Michael Faughn  Peter Kranich  Tom Kowalczyk  David Gregorczyk  John J. Garguilo 

Discussion Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. IHE DE PAT #7 Update  -
      1. Sign-ups proceeding well ... 
    2. SysML 2.0 Update - "Problems in River City"?
      1. Todd discussed challenges with some individuals who were more involved with the development of SysML 2.0 and the general consensus was that the addition of the KerML foundational language (Vol. 1 of the 2.0 specification) has made tooling support much more difficult - core tool engine changes vs. simple evolution of the current technology
      2. In trying to get even "beta" release information from tooling vendors, John Rhoads  and Todd Cooper  have received little to no responses, even when trying to purchase new licenses! 
      3. Though this does not impact the current approaches (see below), advancing "MC" will be challenged later in 2022 and beyond
    3. Update on IHE USA "Pathway to Production" 
      1. John Donnelly indicated that the slides have yet to be distributed .. but will ask and provide back to the group when they are
      2. Topic was discussed on the joint ITI/PCC/QRPH call yesterday + mentioned the EP work to that group as well 
  2. IHE Testing & Tools Update
    1. IHE EU & NA CAT in September
      1. IHE EU CAT '22 September 12-16, Switzerland (hybrid)
      2. Registration opens 2/28 through mid-April
      3. IHE NA CAT - plans to have it simultaneously with EU event, perhaps in Baltimore (but hybrid)
      4. BUT personnel for two CAT events simultaneously a challenge!
      5. Combining the two may enable some profiles to be tested that have a hard time getting sufficient systems when the events are separate
      6. QUESTION:  SDPi testing at EU / NA CAT '22?  By Registration time?  
    2. IHE Catalyst Gazelle Roadmap 
      1. In the T&T update 2022.02.16, the 2022-2024 Gazelle Roadmap (draft) was presented by Catalyst staff:
      2. Notes:
        1. "API V1'" => EVS Client
        2. TM => Test Management (utilizing Slack)
        3. GOC => Gazelle Object Checker (for CDA primarily?)
    3. Note:  IHE RO '21 CAT was domain/profile focused and totally virtual ... precedence has been set!
  3. Ecosystem Pathway WG Coordination 
    1. A number of Testing & CA topics that were assigned to the CA & Tooling group are now part of the discussions within the Ecosystem Pathway group ...
    2. See the CA for an Ecosystem of Plug-and-Trust Products section 
    3. See the CA-related artifacts created by the EP group around slide #17 in the EP Pathway Construction overview slide deck
  4. SDPi CA Roadmap:  Specs to Scripts to CAT
    1. Todd has been revising the near term (now through 2022) approach for creating the needed SDPi artifacts that support interoperability from use case scenario requirements to test scripts and test instances
    2. Sources being factored in include:
      1. Gazelle capabilities (historic GUI interface, maybe current EVS Client API V1' (see above)
      2. Steve Moore's IHE FHIR IPS Testing approach documents (being drafted)
      3. HL7 FHIR TestScript and use
      4. Previous discussions within CA & Tooling group
    3. John Garguilo suggested a very simple approach that was used in the early days of IHE PCD testing, namely:
      1. Create test case instances to be run
      2. Steps are in Gazelle BUT 
      3. Step execution and monitoring happens externally AND
      4. Result is documented via a note and attached test report to the test instance step in Gazelle
    4. Test Metadata (e.g., instance, actors, etc.) should be integrated with the SDC Test Tool and integrated into the test report
    5. IHE DE PAT events are currently evolving SDPi transaction-based test scripts; however, they are simple text descriptions and nothing that is formalized (e.g., test script language)
    6. QUESTION:  What test scripting language should we use?
      1. FHIR Test Script?  
      2. Other test scripting language that could be imported into Gazelle without too much effort?
      3. Something like ArtDECOR for CDA that uploads to Gazelle?
      4. Note:  No integration between NIST TCAMT ... Gazelle API remains key challenge 
      5. No clear direction from the meeting participants
    7. Testable Assertions in the spec document to the test scripts 
      1. Gazelle TA tool ... but stale and required significant effort
      2. Examples in IHE or other specifications to utilize?  
        1. TA's are in the Validation tools vs. specifications? 
        2. Perhaps there are some automation examples in the ITI domain, especially for projectathon support
        3. No clear examples proffered 
    8. NOTE:  formalize test plans / scripts externally to Gazelle so that they can be integrated (somehow/sometime) into Gazelle but also more easily accessed by external test tooling
    9. John Rhoads & Todd Cooper are starting to establish SDPi update capability with Gazelle, most likely via the current UI that has been used historically 
  5. RI+MC+RR Update
    1. Focus is back on finalizing the approach for formalizing "RI" near term
    2. "RR" topic is now fully in the Ecosystem Pathway group's task list  (including the IHE CA Alignment with FDA ASCA activity)
  6. Additional Topics
    1. Next meeting is  , though this will be in the middle of the PAT #7

Action Items / Tasks

  • ACTION( Todd Cooper ) Reorganize CA & Tooling confluence subpages per other groups (like EP)
  • ACTION( Todd Cooper  ) Slides for near term strategy for Testing & CA for SDPi in 2022