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Agenda (proposed)

  1. General Updates
    1. 2022 IHE CAT events calendar
    2. IHE T&T December Meeting Report Out
  2. PAT #6 Report Out & 2022 Planning
  3. IHE Catalyst Study Report Out
  4. CA at RI+MC+RR Updates
  5. Additional Topics


Todd Cooper   John Rhoads  Okan Yilmaz  John J. Garguilo   Peter Kranich   John Donnelly   Tom Kowalczyk  Jan Rizzuto 

Regrets:  David Gregorczyk 

Discussion Notes

  1. General Updates
    1. PAT #7 Update
      1. Invitation sent for March 2-4, 2022
      2. See confluence pages for the event 
    2. IHE Catalyst Study Project Update 
      1. Still waiting for a first full draft of the study report - TBD when that will be available 
      2. Note that this study will directly inform the Gemini SES+MDI Roadmap ... CA & Tooling workstream(s) 
    3. RI+MC+RR Update:  SysML 2.0 Rollout?
      1. RI near term is Word Styles / Bookmarks / References BUT
      2. MC for MBSE/SysML 2.0 is planned for later 2022 - DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY IN TOOLING ... Update?  
        1. Tool developers working on open source implementation (see github repo
        2. Working through issues but hard to determine "when" Cameo implementation will be available 
        3. ACTION( Todd Cooper  )  Contact MBSE / SysML 2.0 experts in this group re. status update
      3. RR requirements & guidance will be driven by the Ecosystem Pathway group, with implementation in this CA & Tooling group
  2. 2022 IHE CA & Tooling Report Aspects from IEEE/HL7 WGM 2022.01.21
    1. Reviewed & discussed the relevant aspects for this CA & Tooling group
    2. Discussion Focus included the newly formed Ecosystem Pathway (EP) group and relationship of deliverables to this CA & Tooling work
      1. For example, in considering "RR" (see above) the EP group would identify the product CA requirements and guidelines that would need to be realized in order to have a truly "regulatory submission ready" IHE CA test report
      2. Advancing consideration of the FDA ASCA application to IHE CA will also happen in the EP discussions
    3. Note:  There was an HL7 DEV Co-Chairs discussion around the use of the HL7 DEV S3 storage ... where this presentation and related presentations were saved.   Intent is to be able to utilize the S3 storage going forward vs. the "Documents" folder for the WG that ends up being a flat folder 
    4. Slide #10 included the 2022 objectives for the Gemini CA & Tooling group:
      1. NA PAT - noted that as the Gemini SES+MDI implementation community grows, there will be increased need to hold PAT events in other (non-EU CET) time zones, such as U.S. Pacific!  For example, though many of the medical device vendors have Europe-based engineering teams for their "from the device" interfaces, their gateway products are often based in the U.S.  So SDPi gateway actor testing may be best done in the North American (NA) time zones
      2. IHE NA CAT - given that then 2022 January NA CAT was deferred to later in the year, August 2022 is currently under consideration for a NA CAT event; TBD actual dates as well as F2F/Virtual/Hybrid
      3. IHE USA "Path to Production" Presentation late January
        1. John Donnelly  mentioned the IHE USA digital conference which was held last week (replacing the original IHE NA CAT event time slot)
        2. Focus was on Maternal Health (as a broad health care area) and included a "Path to Production" presentation (from Adam Bezer) that called out a sequence of stages from concept to product production
        3. Note that this is similar to "ecosystem pathway" + mentioned profile-specific CAT testing events 
        4. ACTION( John Donnelly  ) Obtain slides for the presentation, to be considered by this CAT & Tooling group at the next meeting mid-February
  3. Tooling & Reference System Implementation Discussion
    1. There has been a desire to have an official, open source "reference system implementation" of the SDC/SDPi+FHIR specifications that can be used especially for testing purposes
    2. Question:  What would be the scope of functionality and phased implementation?
    3. Question:  How could the community collaborate with NIST (for example) to achieve an "official" gold reference implementation designation?
    4. Discussion:
      1. "official"???  
      2.  Tooling developed by David  / Michael F. ... 
      3. What is the role of FHIR-based exchange testing?  e.g., though Asbestos supports "channels" it is very limited from semantic testing levels
      4. Lessons from V2 test tool development ... along with challenges with "fast" (easy to craft implementations) & extensive use of FHIR extensions 
      5. Who will use the tools?  Primary purpose (e.g., PAT / CAT  support)
      6. Why not just use an open source project?
      7. Possibly consider a CRADA (Cooperative Research And Development Agreement) approach? 
        1. This is a general U.S. government mechanism for collaborating between agencies as well as public / private cooperation
      8. Governance under an "accelerator" program? (in which NIST would participate?) 
        1. Note most all of the HL7 FHIR Accelerators include some sort of ref implementation deliverable 
      9. ACTION( Todd Cooper  ) Advance topic also in the EP work group 
  4. Additional Topics
    1. HL7 DoF Anesthesia Intra-procedural PSS-1936 - Okan Yilmaz  updated the group on a request from Martin Hurrell  to involve others from the ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC standards space who have experience working on BICEPS-based integration for anesthesia systems. Okan mentioned that they have had discussions and identified a possible participant ... maybe ...   

Action Items / Tasks

  • ACTION( Todd Cooper  )  Contact MBSE / SysML 2.0 experts in this group re. status update (e.g., Piero Ciancia )
  • ACTION( John Donnelly  ) Obtain slides for the presentation, to be considered by this CAT & Tooling group at the next meeting mid-February
  • ACTION( Todd Cooper  ) Advance "reference system implementation" topic also in the EP work group