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Agenda (proposed)

  1. General Updates
    1. 2022 IHE CAT events
    2. IHE T&T December Meeting Report Out
  2. PAT #6 Report Out & 2022 Planning
  3. IHE Catalyst Study Report Out
  4. CA at RI+MC+RR Updates
  5. Additional Topics


Todd Cooper  David Gregorczyk  Peter Kranich  Jan Rizzuto  John Rhoads  John Donnelly  

Discussion Notes

  1. Genera Updates
    1. Catalyst Study - project is advancing; reportable results expected mid-January or February (see related discussion below)
    2. IHE Testing & Tools - December '21 Meeting
      1. Yesterday 15 December was the monthly IHE T&T meeting ...
      2. Anne-Gaelle (IHE Catalyst) reported out on their 2022 roadmap; discussions centered around both the evolution of the Gazelle test management tool & suite + support for FHIR testing, etc.  All these topics are also part of the Catalyst Gemini SES MDI Study project
      3. Todd provided a brief update to the group regarding the work of this Gemini CA & Tooling team and plans (objectives) for 2022
      4. No additional information was provided for either the EU '22 CAT or especially the NA '22 CAT
      5. Note:  There was an exchange with John Moehrke  about the "FHIR" testing aspects of the SDPi+FHIR program and the challenges we have at getting the PoCD FHIR IG published and the need for additional implementations and possible testing at Gemini SES MDI PAT & CAT events.  THIS resonated very positively with the group.
  2. PAT Events & Tooling
    1. David Gregorczyk  reported out on IHE DE PAT #6 earlier this month (see the written update provided last Friday at Gemini 2021-12-10 SDPi Friday meeting)
    2. PAT #6 included a new production implementation from Philips (SDC Consumer) + a first time testing of a gRPC / protobuf "protoSDC" stack
      1. Three implementations were involved (python, rust & JVM) 
      2. Within 2 hours all tests were working! 
      3. Performance was "blindingly fast" especially taking into account use of "coroutines" (concurrent processing), protobuffers, and gRPC Dispatch.  
      4. Performance metrics may be available in January '22 or in PAT #7
    3. 2022 PAT events will continue the bi-monthly cadence, starting with the week of February 1-4, then repeating in April, June, August, October, November
      1. Additional SDPi+FHIR CAT events (virtual) will be added in 2022 Q2 and hopefully quarterly after that
      2. The April or June CAT events may be "in person" or hybrid
    4. Note:  A tool developer for this work is being onboarded (at Dräger) and should be actively contributing in January
  3. IHE Catalyst & IHE International Licensing Terms
    1. IHE CAsC is working to finalize its licensing / business agreement with IHE Catalyst; intent is to have it executed by January or February 2022
    2. John Donnelly  participated in the creation of the licensing terms document given his role on the IHE CAsC (Conformity Assessment Steering Committee); Todd Cooper  and other IHE International Board members are also involved in reviewing and approving the document
      1. NOTE:  This too is a part of the catalyst study project
    3. Many aspects remain "fuzzy" and require clearer definition, including how participants in the Gemini SES MDI program will leverage IHE CA (via Catalyst) for their purposes
  4. Additional Topics
    1. Use of FHIR TestScript was discussed as an option for formalizing SDPi+FHIR test cases
      1. This was also part of the IHE T&T discussion Wednesday and is being used by FHIR-based test tooling and MAY be used by an updated Gazelle implementation
      2. The Catalyst Study project should provide a clear indication as to how the Gazelle test management tool will be connected with test environments & tools and how the test cases will be formalized
      3. Note that the current SDC PAT events utilize JUnit XML format to capture test results
      4. For obvious reasons, the MITRE FHIR Inferno tool (used by the ONC testing) uses FHIR TestScript, as does NIST's ASBESTOS and other projects
    2. Next Meeting:  Cancel the January 6th meeting; first meeting in 2022 will be  

Action Items / Tasks