A WHO, CDC, HHSC, IHE, HL7 FHIR collaboration regarding computable care guidelines (CCG).  Watch a brief video presentation about this project.

There is not, today, a widely-adopted method for disseminating computable care guidelines (CCG) that can be ingested and operationalized by point of service (POS) solutions. The purpose of this work item is to develop a CCG profile by leveraging FHIR resources to describe clinical content (e.g. care encounter resources) and care path / workflow specifications.  It is also in-scope to profile how actions or alerts should arise from a care guideline’s business logic (e.g. using a pattern such as that described by the CDS Hooks specification). There is a significant need for such a profile; evidence supports the assertion that improved adherence to care guidelines can yield significant population health impacts. The IHE Computable Care Guidelines Profile work is committed to be "consistent with" and complementary to this HL7 FHIR work in process.  Additional details can also be found in this presentation from March 2019 when this project was approved by the Gemini Project Steering Committee.


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