Here are opportunities to connect directly with others in the SDC / SDPi+FHIR community during scheduled "events".   These include ...

  • IHE Plug-a-thons (PAT) & Connectathons (CAT)
  • FHIR Connectathons 
  • Educational (EDUSessions & Workshops (WRK)
  • Public Demonstrations (DEMO)

... for starters!

2023.07.17 - 21SDPi 1.2 WorkshopWorkshopLübeckIn pushing toward the release of SDPi 1.2 later in 2023, a number of challenges need to be resolved, including security operationalization / global deployment, ensembles + use of SDC contexts, Multi-MDS / Aggregators MDIB Modeling.  All of these must be addressed in SDPi 1.2 which has a "Production Ready" focus, adding anything that is necessary for real-world product implementations. 
2023.05.12SDPi Security Operationalization WorkshopWorkshopNew OrleansSDC/SDPi defines security technology (See SDPi TF-2A Security Considerations), but to achieve that security in a vendor-independent plug-and-trust interoperability ecosystem - across countries, across jurisdictions, across healthcare delivery organizations (e.g., hospitals) - in other words, operationalization of the security technology, must be added to the SDPi specifications.  
2022.10.11-14SDPi 1.0 WorkshopWorkshopLübeckFocused discussion between contributing stakeholders / content editors to finalize the last open issues and challenges for completing the drafting of SDPi 1.0. 
2022.09.27Gemini SES+MDI Conformity Assessment Strategy WorkshopWorkshopNIST / HybridAs we near publication of SDPi 1.0, a more detailed strategy and plan for achieving CA must be established, including test events, tooling, product CA and regulatory review.  This workshop brings together stakeholders from NIST, industry and regulatory affairs to start the discussion on a 
2022.03.02-042022.03.02-04 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #7PATVirtualFirst IHE Germany plug-a-thon in 2022.
2021.12.01-032021.12.01-03 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #6PATVirtualFinal IHE plug-a-thon for 2021!
2021.10.19-21IHE DEV "Fall" MeetingsWGMHybridSan Diego (BD hosted) IHE Devices domain meetings (primarily PCD & DPI), that will include briefings on the Gemini SES MDI program, especially SDPi Supplement briefings, the IHE MDIRA profile, and a special session on SDC/SDPi BICEPS Infusion Pump specifications .
2021.10.06-082021.10.06-08 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #5PATVirtual5th IHE Plug-a-thon for the SDC / SDPi profiles;  this will be a THREE DAY VIRTUAL EVENT due to the amount of work that needs to be accomplished!
2021.09.20-24HL7 / IEEE / IHE Devices WGMWGMVirtualRegistration is open - draft agenda for the Devices groups forthcoming.
2021.08.04-052021.08.04-05 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #4PATVirtual4th IHE Plug-a-thon for the SDC / SDPi profiles, focusing on further detailing and validating of the SDPi-to-SDC Transaction mappings, detailing of test sequences and use of a "lean" test app (in lieu of SDCcc) that can generate JUnit test reports.
2021.06.01-022021.06.01-02 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #3PATVirtual3rd IHE Plug-a-thon for the SDC / SDPi profiles, focusing on detailing and validating the SDPi-P and -R transactions and the associated MDPWS/WS* messaging.
2021.05.24-28HL7 / IEEE / IHE Devices WGMWGMVirtualRegistration is open - Contribute to the draft WGM agenda!
2021.05.17-19HL7 FHIR CAT 2021-5  #27CATVirtualIsolation Point-of-Care Using Gemini Device Interoperability track; detailed information (including discussion notes) are included in the see also HL7 FHIR CAT #27 2021-05 - Isolation PoC Gemini Device Interoperability Track for this event
2021.03.24-252021.03.24-25 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #2PATVirtual2nd IHE Plug-a-thon for SDC/SDPi testing sponsored by OR.NET and IHE DE.
2021.01.25-29HL7/IHE/IEEE WGM AgendaWGMVirtualJoint working group meetings of the IEEE 11073 / IHE DEV / HL7 DEV working groups.



Proposed FHIR Connectathon track focused on a Gemini Isolation Bed use case.

NOTE:  Event notes are at Narrative: Isolation Bed

2020.11.17-202020.11.17-20 FHIR DevDaysEDUVirtualNovember FHIR DevDays with device related sessions, both presentation & hands-on.
2020.10.20-212020.10.20-21 IHE DE SDC/SDPi PAT #1PATHybrid1st IHE Plug-a-thon for SDC / SDPi testing, sponsored by OR.NET and IHE Germany.

"Location":  Hybrid = both Virtual & In-Person options are provided.