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HL7 FHIR developers conference for connecting with those who are actively using HL7 FHIR and related standards to implement real-world solutions. 

Think techie-to-techie exchange!  Conference covers the full range of FHIR use in health informatics, with device informatics a specific topic.

Contacts - Devices

To connect with the device-related experts, contact:

Kathrin Pia Riech / University of Lübeck (Kathrin Riech)

Dr. Stefan Schlichting / Unity AG (Stefan Schlichting)

Tobias Wildi / Unity AG

Wherefore Devices? 

 There are a couple of sessions that are highly related to the Gemini SDC / SDPi+FHIR work.  Search HERE for ...

  1. "Devices on FHIR – Enabling Health Device Data Driven Applications" (2020.11.19, Schlichting)
  2. "Let’s build – Querying Medical Device Data For Clinical & Workflow Applications" (2020.11.20, Riech & Wildi)