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ER Section 02.16 states that TSC may discontinue a standards project if a WG has been unable to bring it to a normative ballot within one year of project initiation.  Is this realistic?  Has any protocol specification gone to normative ballot in this time frame? 

At the request of the TSC, Project Services added a statement to the Project Scope Statement (PSS) requiring Work Groups to initiate a new PSS when they were doing a normative project/ballot, which includes balloting project content that was originally balloted Informative or STU.  This 'normative’ PSS is supposed to trigger the PINS, so the bullet would be correct for ‘normative’ project initiation. The material should be balloted within a year of ‘normative’ project initiation.

NOTE: now GCR 19/20

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02.16 Discontinuance of a Standards Project

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