Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
David Pykex
Hans Buitendijk
Nancy Orvisx
Robert Stegweex
Karen van Hentenryckx
Virginia Lorenzix
Dan Vreeman
Juliet Rubinix
Michelle Millerx


  • Revision Cycle 2209 - Peer Review Comments

Meeting Notes

  • RC2209
    • GCR-223 - no comments
    • GCR-373 - no comments
    • GCR-375 - no comments
    • GCR-377 - 3 comments
      • Peer Review - Lloyd McKenzie and Jean Duteau
      • comments have been dealt with
    • GCR-380 - Standard Lifetime - comments received
      • comments have been dealt with
    • GCR-387 - no comments
    • Package for final approval to Karen by the end of week
    • Publish by WGM in January
  • Discussion
    • GCR-384 - Extend voting rights to student members
      • there are only 6 student members
      • by giving student members a vote - it would be of more value
      • Will include as RC2301 - only voting rights for student members
      • Will require changes to the Bylaws - this has to be done first before the GOM can be changed
      • Robert - there may be a strategic alliance with AMIA and HL7 - this may align with this
        • not sure where this fits within HL7
    • GCR-66 - went to the Product Management Council for discussion - Dave will followup with Jean
    • RC2301
      • GCR-392
      • GCR-394 - proposed by Peter Jordan
        • officer positions should be open to Affiliate Members - currently require HL7 International membership
          • needs to be discussed at the Board - open the discussion before we propose it as a Work Item
    • Changes to procedures from the ANSI audit
      • will be made automatically
      • Karen will forward to Chuck to be included in RC2209
  • Next Meeting
    • at the WGM - Melva will send out meeting meeting invite 
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