Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
David Pykex
Hans Buitendijk
Nancy Orvisx
Robert StegweeRegrets
Karen van Hentenryck
Virginia Lorenzi
Dan Vreeman
Juliet RubiniRegrets


  • Revision Cycle 2209 

Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2209
    • All have been adopted as work items by the EC 
      • GCR-223 - TSC provided wording - issue has been updated
        • Chuck to update wording "Upon such assurance, the TSC HL7 Headquarters may endorse those HL7 tools for use by the membership." to reflect that HQ will publish the endorsement to the membership
      • GCR-388 - handled as a technical correction
      • GCR-223
      • GCR-373
      • GCR-375
      • GCR-377
      • GCR-380
      • GCR-386
      • GCR-384 - Deferred
    • Chuck will created package and send to Karen for Peer Review which opens next week
  • Next meeting will be held when Peer Review has closed
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