Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
David Pykex
Hans Buitendijk
Nancy Orvisx
Robert Stegwee
Karen van Hentenryckx
Virginia Lorenzi
Dan Vreeman
Juliet Rubinix


  • Revision Cycle 2205
  • Next Meetings

Meeting Notes

  • GCR-66
    • will close and Dave will create a new issue once TSC has made a decision
  • Revision Cycle 2205
    • Will go for Peer Review
      • GCR-361
      • GCR-359
    • Will also send out GCR-369 as an FYI as it is a change to interest categories
  • Interim change to ER based on ANSI audit- has been posted
    • Chuck will do some clean up
  • 2 new issues for 2209 Revision Cycle
    • TSC Implementer Rep
      • someone running that is not a member
      • noting in GOM that requires them to be a member
      • TSC is discussing
    • Re-consider requirement to wait until next election cycle to add a new co-chair for a WG
      • will be added 2209 Revision Cycle
  • Next step
    • Forward to EC - June 27 meeting
    • Peer Review to open July 14 - August 12
  • Next Meeting
    • after Peer Review closes August 12 
    • meeting scheduled
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