Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
Jean Duteaux
Hans Buitendijkx
Nancy OrvisRegrets
Peter Jordanx
Robert StegweeRegrets
Ed Hammond
Karen van Hentenryckx
Virginia Lorenzix


  • Revision Cycle 2109
  • Next Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2019
    • reviewed
    • there may be some additional items that need to be included - still time to get them approved by the EC as Work Items.
  • Anti-trust policy
    • needs to determine how to operationalize this
      • Melva will review proposed change - Co-Chair Handbook proposal
      • include update on Co-chair webinar and Co-chair email
  • Next meeting
    • scheduled for Dec 14th at 3pm Eastern
    • Nov 9 - Peer Review
      • need to finalize any items by November 5
      • anything not finalized will move to 2201
      • Peer Review - Nov 11 to Dec 10
    • EC by Dec 27
    • Jan 10 to update and provide to HQ
  • GOC Members
    • Members are asked to confirm if they are still willing to remain on the GOC or if they know of individuals who may be interested
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