Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
Jean Duteaux
Hans Buitendijkx
Nancy Orvisx
Peter Jordanx
Robert Stegweex
Ed Hammond
Karen van Hentenryck
Virginia LorenziRegrets


  • Revision Cycle 2101
  • TSC Changes
  • Next Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2101 - EC adopted - Peer Review should open early April
    • GCR-219 - resolved - moving out from TSC to under the Board section 7

    • GCR-223 - Jean to take to the TSC
    • GCR-236 - removing PIC
    • GCR-238 - vacancies on the Board
    • GCR-282 - worked with Dave Hamill and Wayne - revision are drafted but still in discussions with Wayne
    • GCR-286 - will update to remove specific links to the Jira project
    • Next steps
      • finish 282 and send email to GOC when wording is proposed
      • Peer Review to open early April
  • TSC changes - 
    • Town Hall comments
      • 2 Town Hall meetings held
      • had good questions but not big issues raised
      • had a proposal about doing ranked voting for the Working Group Representatives - will need to consider as a future change
      • question about products that don't have a Product Management Group
      • 3 new issues raised for future GOM revision cycle
    • Next Steps
      • Motion from GOC to have EC approve accepting all changes 
        • Jean to submit mark up and version to Karen - once EC approves adoption in its' entirety
        • Chuck to write up motion and send to Karen and copy Virginia and Melva
  • Next meeting 
    • At the WGM - May 27 - Thursday Q5 - 2-3:30pm Eastern

Action Items

  • Jean Duteau to create a new issue related to Tooling Endorsement Section
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