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  • Revision Cycle 2101
  • TSC Changes
  • May WGM - open quarter
  • Next Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2101 - EC adopted
    • GCR-219

    • GCR-223
    • GCR-236
    • GCR-238
    • GCR-282
    • Next steps
      • will continue to develop proposed revisions 
      • need input from TSC on GCR-223 and Wayne on GCR-282
      • could potentially include other TSC items
  • TSC changes - 
    • agree with all comments except the following
      • GCR-252 
        • only 1 person from a company - TSC didn't see a need to include that, but if there is feedback, we could consider adding
          • Jean will take this issue back and will address as part of 2015 revision cycle - create new issues
        • service family - product families are not defined in the GOM
        • size of TSC - originally had proposed 4 Working Group reps and 2 implementers but concerns that working group representation was being diluted
          • intent will be roll out with smaller numbers and add additional members as needed
          • need additional people to manage governance groups
          • risk that Board and EC will push back on the size - too big to be agile
        • Working Group representation WGs - liaisons only, not representing and not voting on behalf of a set of WGs
          • WGs will vote for the full set of WG reps that are up for election
        • Implementer - who will vet?  Will be done by Product Implementer Community - not staff
          • elected by the membership
          • to get on ballot - must have affirmation by Product Management Group Co-Chair
          • same wording is in place for Co-chair elections
        • Working Group Rep - current or past WG Chair
          • need to look at wording - changing to Shall
          • only required for Working Group Rep
      • GCR-254 - TSC Chair
        • do not have to be a current WG Chair
        • could be perceived as a problem
        • will change to relax to not require them to be current WG Chair - 3rd criteria
    • GCR-242
    • GCR-244
    • GCR-246
    • GCR-248
    • GCR-252
    • GCR-254
    • GCR-256
    • GCR-258
    • GCR-260
    • GCR-262
  • Next steps for TSC Changes
    • Jean to take back one issue re: TSC Chair election
    • new issue for one person from an organization
    • next meeting of TSC is Feb 22nd
    • Town Hall Meeting
      • open meetings where members can come and propose
      • distribute marked up version in advance
      • 2 meetings week of March 8
        • 5pm Eastern - Thursday - March 11
        • 10am Eastern - Tuesday - March 9
        • work with Sadhana to set up Zoom calls for those days and announce
  • WGM May
    • Change to Thursday Q5 - 2pm Eastern

Action Items

  • Jean Duteau to create a new issue related to Tooling Endorsement Section
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