Melva Peters (Chair)x
Chuck Meyerx
Jean Duteaux
Hans Buitendijk
Nancy Orvisx
Peter Jordanx
Robert Stegwee
Ed Hammond
Karen van Hentenryckx
Virginia Lorenzix
Lenel James x
Wayne Kubickx


Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2101
    • six changes for RC2101 need EC adoption - Feb 8 - Chuck will get to Karen
  • TSC Re-structuring
    • Changes
      • Reviewed proposed changes
      • Wording has been worked through with the TSC after much debate
      • May need some tweaks with grammar, etc but if there are comments related to the actual proposed changes, will cause delays
      • Peter will take the wording related to "realm" to the IC Co-chairs
      • Desire to have the changes move quickly
      • TSC is taking some steps to move forward with changes
    • Proposed process
      • 1) Jean finishes his review - complete
        2) Jean and Melva create GOC Change Request entries for each change - complete
        3) GOC reviews each change and makes suggestions, if necessary
        4) TSC approves/disapproves any GOC suggested changes beyond simple grammatical or flow issues
        5) GOC releases the finalized changes to the membership
        6) Town hall meetings are held to review changes with the membership
        7) GOC makes any changes due to feedback from the Town Hall meetings
        8) TSC approves/disapproves the Town Hall suggested changes
        9) GOC sends changes to the EC
        10) EC approves changes
        11) GOM is approved, pending organizational ability to move forward with the changes

    • GOC to review change requests - use document to see the changes, but comment on the JIRA issues
      • Peter to review with IC co-chairs next week
      • Feedback by GOC members by Feb 8 - via Jira issue
    • Peer Review Process using Town Hall Meetings
      • Set up a couple of Zoom meetings 
      • Invite membership to join - same content
      • To review the changes
      • Will need to make document available to members in advance
      • all have been adopted by EC
    • Plans
      • meeting after Feb 8 if needed with the GOC to discuss concerns - schedule
      • once finalized would go back to the TSC on Feb 15th
      • send to membership after Feb 15th
      • Town Hall meetings week of Feb 22nd
      • EC approval after that - March 8th meeting
      • adopt modified GOM in it's entirety
  • Next Meeting
    • meeting - week of Feb 8th - RC2101 and if needed TSC res-structuring changes
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