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Jean Duteaux
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  • Revision Cycle 2009 Peer Review Comments
  • TSC Changes
  • RC2101
  • Open meeting during the WGM?
  • Next Meeting

Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2009 Peer Review Comments

    • GCR 229 Composition of the GOC Peer Review

      • Meyer: even though BoD to name GOC chair, HL7 Secretary should still be a member

      • TSC: question re: chair may designate other members

    • GCR 230 Update Trademark section Peer Review

      • TSC: trademark policy should be replicated in section rather than linked

      • TSC: ensure that FHIR specification page aligns with trademark policy

    • GCR 231 Update §09 Intellectual Property Peer Review

      • TSC: proposed rewording

      • TSC: statement about licensing FHIR should be checked

    • GCR 232 Clarify development tools to be endorsed Peer Review

      • TSC: HL7 should not be in the business of endorsing tools created by others [Moot]

      • TSC: in addition to being “tested and documented” tools should meet specifications

      • TSC: there should be clear rules around endorsing tool not created by HL7 [Moot]

    • GCR 233 Limit number of co-chair positions held Peer Review

      • TSC: ensure this aligns with §11.03.03 [Moot]

    • GCR 234 Resolving motions electronically Peer Review

      • TSC: no definition of “electronic voting” quorum

    • GCR 235 Add “or comparable” to HL7 Director criteria Peer Review

      • TSC: “should have held” to be changed to “must have held”

      • TSC: question: “comparable experience” in HL7 or externally

  • Next steps
    • Chuck will apply changes and create version for EC Adoption
      • next EC meeting - Jan 25 or by eVote
      • Chuck will provide by Monday
    • add issue to maintenance process to remove PIC
  • TSC changes 
    • GOM changes are delayed - working on a package of material
      • hope to have them ready in the next month
    • Process for escalated review of changes
    • Get the changes ready once approved
    • Won't go in to effect until ready - EC can approve the GOM in it's entirety
    • Need to keep revision cycle changes in sync
  • Next meeting
    • Will schedule to review TSC changes
    • WGM Open Session - Friday Q2 Pacific

Action Items

  • Jean Duteau to create a new issue related to Tooling Endorsement Section
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