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  • Revision Cycle 2009
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Meeting Notes

  • Revision Cycle 2009






Revise reaffirmation process to meet ANSI requirements

[Karen Van Hentenryck] Following a review of HL ER 2020 by ANSI, it was pointed out that the use of a comment-only ballot for reaffirmation (§03.04.01) appeared to lack the rigor expected for such actions.

Editorial note: Per §04.03.03, revisions due to ANSI review or audit shall be considered adopted proposed revisions and processed accordingly.


Resolving Motions Electronically

[Chuck Meyer] As the TSC pointed out in their peer review comment on resolving motions via email (RC2005) with the transition to Confluence/JIRA very few groups still use email to resolve issues.  I suggest the GOM be revised to address the use of collaborative tools to resolve motions using parliamentary rules of order.


Code of Conduct has been updated

Need to update GOM with Code of Conduct that was approved by the Board on 2020-08-24.

From GCR-211: Update GOM to include either a reference to the Diversity statement or the full statement

Editorial note: Current section 04 includes reference to Diversity Policy.


HTA involvement in SOU process

HTA [Julie James] RC2005 peer review comments to GCR-141 stated that in the process of interacting with external terminology management organizations the topic of SOU/MOU often arises.  Therefore, the HTA requests that this be taken into consideration and, if possible, mentioned in the context of such relationships.


Add "or comparable" to skills requirement for HL7 Directors

Change Section 08.08.02: "Nominees for HL7 Director must be current individual members or designated voting representatives of current Organizational members and should have held leadership positions at the Work Group, council, and/or committee level or have comparable experience."



  • TSC changes 
    • in progress
    • How to get review on proposed changes once adopted by EC
      • can use a different process for gathering feedback from the membership
        • Town Hall meeting via Zoom - perhaps a couple of meetings over a couple of days
        • Will present as a GOC process - with a panel from the TSC Restructuring Task Force
          • this is about the GOM changes and not about the restructuring - need to be clear about the purpose/scope
          • opportunity to communicate the changes further
  • Peer Review
    • Package to Karen by November 16th
    • Package emailed by November 17 - December 17
  • Next meeting
    • Will schedule to review TSC changes
    • Will schedule to review Peer Review comments
      • January 7 - 3pm Eastern - 90 minutes
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