Melva Peters (Chair/Scribe)x
Ed HammondRegrets
Jean Duteaux
Chuck MeyerRegrets
Nancy OrvisRegrets
Hans Buitendijkx
Karen van Hentenryckx
Peter Jordanx


  • GOC review project
  • Revision Cycle 2005
    • GOM Change Requests
    • Timeline
      • GOC Consensus on issues - by Feb 14
      • EC Motion - Feb 24 meeting
      • GOC Consensus on proposed revisions - by Mar 8
      • Peer Review - Mar 13 - Apr 13
      • GOC Meeting - by Apr 24
      • PIC Review by Apr 29th
      • EC approval - May 4th Meeting
      • Publish - by May 8th
      • WGM - May 17th
  • Next Meeting
    • Proposed Meeting scheduled
      • Feb 6 WGM
      • Week of Feb 10 - not needed as list of changes agreed to at WGM
      • by March 8
      • April 14 - April 24
    • Melva to send out meeting invites
  • Use of Confluence
    • will need to determine how we can maintain multiple versions of sections and then apply to master and publish
  • Melva will investigate the use of JIRA for change requests
  • Need to update HL7 Website to point to Confluence space to submit change request
  • Update home page on Confluence to point to submit change request
  • New change
    • Russ Leftwich
    • Issue: clarity on whether Accelerator list serve should be under the Work Group
  • Melva to sort out why template button doesn't work.

Action Items

  • Melva Peters to send out meeting invites for Cycle 2001
  • Charles Meyer to create motion for EC for proposed changes requests for 2001 cycle
  • Melva Peters will update Phase 1 document and get motion ready for EC
  • Melva Peters will consult with Josh about how to use Confluence going forward for publishing the GOM
  • Melva Peters to investigate JIRA for change requests
  • Melva Peters to add change request from Russ L
  • Melva Peters to work with Josh to fix Change Request Button
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