• Chuck Meyer
  • Ed Hammond
  • Peter Jordan
  • Karen van Hentenryck
  • Jean Duteau


  • Peer review comments have been received
    • all comments have been posted and proposed revisions
    • motion to EC has been prepared along with final revisions
      • will forward to EC for January
  • GOC Stream on Zulip
    • have previously submitted questions to 
    • need to have someone to monitor
    • may not be able to restrict who can answer
    • often need an interpretation - so should 
    • could we use Confluence?
      • Melva Peters to review with Josh to see if there are options
    • suggest that we let comments come to GOC
    • will continue to monitor through the GOC
  • GOM Revision
    • need cross reference for where content has moved in new TOC
  • Cycle 2001
    • reviewed submitted changes
    • 1905009 - Jean will make sure this gets reviewed with TSC and FMG
  • Next Meeting
    • Sydney WGM - Thursday 1-2pm
      • will set up teleconference if possible given time difference
    • Melva will work with Karen to get teleconferences schedule

Action Items

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