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GOC Issue MinutesMove forward in this cycle
1901001Co-chair elections concluded prior to the WGM. If we accept item 3 below, this becomes moot.No. If EC does not approve item 3, we will circle back to this in a later cycle
1901002Co-chair emeritus. This already effectively allowed. Does this mean that (1) once you are an active emeritus it is for life? And (2) do emeritus have full co-chair rights/responsibilities.Yes. Deferred to later cycle. EC has approved. Criteria being developed by staff. Will defer further discussion until criteria and processes are available.
1901003All leadership elections occur once a year. Can co-chair elect participants come to the co-chair meeting at the WGM. Should we move forward with this, we need to (1) ask the TSC to weigh in (2) determine pool of voters for co-chair voting. All on the call agree to move this forward.Yes
1901004Proxy - Need to have a call with ANSI.Yes
1901005Merging WGs and what happens to the projects. Can they be assigned to other WG? There is enough info in the GOM to cover this, but we may wish to add some clarifying information on the forms.

No. Refer to PIC and ask them to review the relevant forms for clarification.

1901006Process for electing interim co-chair. Those in attendance feel it does require change to GOM. It is mentioned in the co-chair handbook, so maybe provide more clarity there. Refer to PIC


1901007GOM does not allow TSC to rapidly react to situations requiring technical decisions. Some concerns about this. Must be transparent and clear. Some distinction between the GOM being silent on an issues vs. the TSC taking action that is in conflict with the GOM. In both instances, TSC should communicate changes to GOM. Maintenance section of GOM may need to be changed.Yes
1901008Issue from Christol Green. This was not written up as one of our proposals but should be and responded to as other proposals submitted to GOMNo. Chuck Meyer will write up
Next CallChuck will send the packet to Karen for inclusion on the Feb 4 EC call. Next call will be scheduled for Feb 18 or 19.
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