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Chair:  @Paul Knapp

Scribe: @MaryKay McDaniel

Call Logistics:  This call is at 11 AM ET, 10 AM CT, 9 MT, 8 AM PT, join using

Attendees - list maintained at the bottom of meeting notes.


Planning to ballot an artifact in the September 2019 cycle? Get TSC approval of the PSS by April 7th.

Agenda Outline

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2019-01-29 FM Interim Meeting Minutes, Approved 6-0-0

2019-02-04 FM Interim Meeting Minutes, Approved 6-0-0

2019 JAN WGM Meeting Notes, not yet ready for approval

Proposed Agenda,

Ballot Reconciliation, Coverage Requirements Discovery

1) Reviewed all 6 Da Vinci FHIR IG Proposals

Approved FM Prior Authorization and PDex FHIR IG Proposals for May Ballot

Motion/Second: Mark Scrimshire/Andy Gregorowicz. 8-0-0

2) January Meeting, Follow-ups,

Hospice Indicator.

** Linda will create a tracker. What more does the FM WG need to do?

Paul: Will create the extension in Coverage. Will add into current build. There is no US Core for Coverage (Core was a project).

Tracker 20361, added for R5

Need for indicators for Hospice, LTC, Disability and ESRD.  There is a need to have an indicator when a particular coverage type was invoked. 

There is a monthly file between Medicare (IDR).  Need code to indicate the type of coverage and span for when it applies.

Benoit perhaps had possible business case as well. 

Going to add something to COVERAGE at least a dated data element.  Complex element to be a code and date.  For the US, will need a US CORE code set.  Need code set to ID the types of subplan.  If putting into coverage, will need to be included in any coverage for which it has been invoked.  Will only be for the actual coverage it has been invoked.  It isn’t a status about the person.  It won’t be able to be used for things like pregnancy indicator.  There are other things other than hospice and it must be invoked by the patient (or whatever the process is).   

There are some coverage and other member alerts that limit or impact coverage (high use individual limited to a single pharmacy).  There might be other alerts that would be in a clinical sense, but that wouldn’t necessarily be in coverage.    This new thing is specific to patient invoked rather than limitations imposed on coverage by someone else.   When will change in coverage resource be made so the Da Vinci project, when will it be available for use (R5 in 2 years), but extension can be used in the interim. FM would develop the universal extension.

2) Anesthesia Billing Outreach update - MK

No update.

3) Payer Section Templates CCDA - Linda Michaelsen

 I would like to request time on your agenda to start talking about the Payer Section Templates.

 Collaborative CDA Template Review Process Pilot

Eventually FM will own/support 3 templates: THIS IS A PILOT. What does it mean for the WG to 'own'?

- C-CDA R2.1 Coverage Activity Entry
- C-CDA R2.1 Planned Coverage
- C-CDA R2.1 Policy Activity Entry

Set up continuous meetings, to review within the FM WG weekly calls.

3/26/2019 - 15 minutes. 30 minutes. Linda will bring information to the meeting.


Added Items

Ballot Reconciliation - FHIR Core Resources

Voted for the following Ballot Recon Items as a block. Andy Gregorowicz/ Mark Scrimshire, Approved all, 6-0-0





 Clarify linkage between created resources (Joshua Mandel)



Do not include narrative text in de-identified data - CRD #19 (Corey Spears)

Not Persuasive with Mod


Finish TODO items. - CRD #20 (Corey Spears)


18898Question about minimum cardinality - CRD #39 (Ken Lord) Persuasive with Mod


There should be a section number for Version History as well. - CRD #47 (Hans Buitendijk)

Not Persuasive

18910Since EHR is largely human no need to specify. Alternative consider "individual health data" instead of "human EHR data" - CRD #51 (Hans Buitendijk) Persuasive with Mod


Should this be a STU 1 or a STU0.5? - CRD #54 (Hans Buitendijk)

Not Persuasive


This page is confusing as to what the links are pointing to. - CRD #58 (Hans Buitendijk)

Persuasive with Mod


Update the overview section to make it read better - CRD #61 (Jeffrey Danford)

Persuasive with Mod


Combine Developer's Introduction and (or Clinical Introduction) into one bullet point. - CRD #63 (Jeffrey Danford)


18936Add a URL to what a profile is - CRD #77 (Mary Kay McDaniel)Persuasive

18937 Fix typos in the hooks section - CRD #78 (Mary Kay McDaniel) Persuasive with Mod


Sentence restructure for better flow/ comprehension. - CRD #82 (Mary Kay McDaniel)


18942Needs clarity. - CRD #83 (Mary Kay McDaniel)Persuasive

18945 We need to decide what we're going to call what is out there now and then update all the references to it. Are they going to be Pre-existing 'standard' version 1.0 use case.... - CRD #86 (Mary Kay McDaniel) Persuasive

18947 Improve wording explaining need for configuration - CRD #88 (Mary Kay McDaniel) Persuasive

18949More guidance on 'gracefully handle' - CRD #90 (Mary Kay McDaniel)Persuasive

18951Explain bolded paragraph - CRD #92 (Mary Kay McDaniel)Persuasive

18952How would you determine what configuration options are supported? - CRD #93 Persuasive


Fix the hooks to read better - CRD #96 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Be consistent with EHR vs EMR - CRD #97 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Be consistent with EHR vs EMR - CRD #98 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Provide examples and fix TODOs - CRD #99 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Provide examples and fix TODOs - CRD #101 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Fix the hooks to read better - CRD #102 (Mary Kay McDaniel)


18962How do we 'expose' other project's profiles earlier in the IG so implmeenters are aware of the knowledge needed up front? - CRD #103 (Mary Kay McDaniel)Persuasive


Improve wording on redundancy - CRD #105 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Provide examples and fix TODOs - CRD #107 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Provide examples and fix TODOs - CRD #108 (Mary Kay McDaniel)



Overall the ballot documentation is still very drafty with incomplete sections (for example 2.2) with text still referenced as To Do. - CRD #114 (Walter Suarez)


18974 Add description of Da Vinci to spec - CRD #115 (Walter Suarez) Persuasive

18977We suggest having an introduction section to Resources that identify and describe the structure of the Resources section rather than simply including a set of URLs. - CRD #118 (Walter Suarez)Persuasive


This section seems a sum of all URLs referenced elsewhere in the implementation guide. Is it really necessary? What is it adding? - CRD #119 (Walter Suarez)

Not Persuasive with Mod

18980Can this be HIPPA compliant without a regulation change? - CRD #123 (Nancy Orvis)Not Persuasive


Management Next agenda

Tuesday, February 26, 2018 at 11:00 - 12:30 ET

 Adjourned at 12:30 ET

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Minute ApprovalBenoit Schoeffler/Mark Schrimshire 11-0-0

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