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Chair:  @Paul Knapp

Scribe: @MaryKay McDaniel

Call Logistics:  This call is at 11 AM ET, 10 AM CT, 9 MT, 8 AM PT, join using

Attendees - list maintained at the bottom of meeting notes.


Planning to ballot an artifact in the May 2019 cycle? Email the Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO by January 27th.

Planning to ballot an artifact in the September 2019 cycle? Get TSC approval of the PSS by April 7th.


Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Approve previous Minutes

2019-01-09 FM Interim Meeting

Moved: /Second: , x-0-0

Proposed Agenda,

Ballot Reconciliation, Coverage Requirements Discovery

1) Recap of January Meeting,

Updates from the January meeting

Hospice Indicator.

2) PSS Updates:

PSS at: PSS for HL7 FM Survey

Update: awaiting TSC approval

PSS at: PSS for Payer Data Exchange (PDex)

Update: awaiting US Realm and TSC approvals

FM needs to review and approve: PSS

eHRx: PSS for eHealth Record Exchange (eHRx) Framework#menu-link-content

3) Anesthesia Billing Outreach update - MK

No update. MK is a slacker.




Added Items

Ballot Reconciliation - FHIR Core Resources

Ballot Recon Meeting Minutes:





Coverage Requests should require mutual TLS (Joshua Mandel)

Was a shall, made a should. This a web centric protocol.

There is a discussion in the FHIR security module and came to the same conclusion.

Persuasive with ModAndy Gregorowicz / Mark Scrimshire15-0-0

Deferring to ITS, today 12/4/2018. Paul will bring up in call later today and will loop back to Andy G. Conflicts between hooks and the IG.

Paul Update from ITS: Not much discussion on the ITS call. Remind Paul on 12/18/2018, for next ITS call.

1/8/2019: should is appropriate.


There needs to be additional configuration options suggested within the IG. - CRD #89 (Mary Kay McDaniel) None

18948 - There needs to be additional configuration options suggested within the IG

This item was discussed in both the Da Vinci Use Case Group as well as on the 11/20 FM call. However, I have received a report from Lloyd McKenzie which states that Negative Major ballot comments are not able to have a resolution of Considered for Future Use. Given that we changed the resolution on the 11/20 call, I feel we need to readdress the issue on tomorrow’s call.

Originally discussed 11/20/2018 on WGM call.

1/8/2019: Per Paul, this is an allowable ballot disposition. Need to touch base with TSC for confirmation. Will bring back to the group after WGM.

18972Add standard prefetch definitions for each hook - CRD #113 (Richard Ettema)Not Persuasive with Mod

Per Loyd McKenzie, there is no benefit in standardizing the prefetch document. Develop something that is nimble.

Everyone's end point will have a different name.

Deferring today. Group did not agree with no standardization. Concerned that the business side does not understand, have not been adequately educated with the potential outcomes. Templates/standardization seems to be needed. How do you test this?

18875Client and server roles aren't defined yet. More context at this point in the spec would be helpful - CRD #1 (Andrew Gregorowicz)Persuasive

Deferred for Andy input.
18878 Link CDS Service and HTTP Request to the relevant parts of the CDS Hooks specification - CRD #4 (Andrew Gregorowicz)Persuasive

Deferred for Andy input.
18880 Suggest that we state that “boolean” and “integer” conform to their specification in the FHIR base data types. - CRD #6 (Andrew Gregorowicz)Not Persuasive with Mod

Deferred for Andy input.


Suggest this request for functionality to be added to prefetch be limited to CDS Hook Request context properties that are defined as FHIR Bundles - CRD #9 (Andrew Gregorowicz)

Not Persuasive

Deferred for Andy input.


Management Next agenda

Tuesday, February 5, 2018 at 11:00 - 12:30 ET

  • TBD

 Adjourned at 12:30 ET

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