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This project will involve updating the existing Structured Data Capture (SDC) Implementation Guide. Specific objectives include:
- Aligning the implementation guide with the forthcoming R4 version of FHIR
- Updating profiles to reflect the experience of early implementers
- Migrating the implementation guide from U.S.-specific to international in scope by relaxing the only requirement that makes the implementation guide U.S.-specific
- Encourage feedback from early and potential future adopters including EHR vendors, payors and clinical research organizations through consultation and connectathons.
- Examine the feasibility and appropriateness of alignment with the SDC project managed by the IHE organization

NOTE: At present, the project does not include updating the companion Structured Data Capture – Data Element (SDC-DE) implementation guide as, thus far, no implementer has expressed interest and it’s not entirely clear that such implementers exist.

Calls are held on Thursdays at 5 Eastern:

Known Implementations

SDC Implementations


FHIR Structured Data Capture Minutes


This wiki was initiated after a joint session at the Oct. 2015 Atlanta meeting on FHIR workflow. It tracks documents related to the FHIR Workflow project.   


FHIR Workflow Minutes

FHIR Workflow WGM



FHIR Shorthand (FSH) is a specially-designed language for defining the content of FHIR Implementation Guides (IG). It is simple and compact, with tools to produce FHIR profiles, extensions, and other artifacts typically found in IGs (as well as the IGs themselves).

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