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(Special thanks to Theresia Edgar for doing most of the work to assemble this amalgamated agenda)

This is the "official" list and is more up to date than the on-site guide, so please consider this your primary source for FHIR-related information. If you're aware of other FHIR-related activities happening or planned schedules change through-out the week, { }please{ } update this list. Also, feel free to fill in more detailed agenda topics.

NOTE: Time periods are in 2 hour sessions.  

To keep this page easy to use, meetings on days that have already occurred are "commented out". (You can see them by editing or viewing history)

Most FHIR sessions are occurring as part of regular committee work, though some are FHIR-only ("FHIR Infrastructure"). You can find a list of #Work Group Abbreviations at the bottom. If you have questions, pop them on , the FHIR list or send an email to .

If you're not sure where you should go, feel free to post a question on Zulip: Where should I go?

Minutes will be captured here:   FHIR Infrastructure Minutes WGM 2020  

Reminder: if you're not sure how to navigate the WGM, or where you should be, you can ask at

  FHIR-I Representative Legend

  • GG - Grahame Grieve
  • LM - Lloyd McKenzie
  • RG - Rick Geimer
  • JM - Josh Mandel
  • YW - Yunwei Wang

NOTE: All times are expressed in Eastern

Friday 25, 2020

1000 - 1200

1200 - 1400

  • Patient Care/Vocabulary/Financial Management
    • Encounter/Claim Diagnosis rank
  • Financial Management/Clinical Decision Support/Clinical Quality Information
    • Claim.diagnosis discussion (CARIN use case -  Primary vs. Principal discussion)  FHIR-28186 - tracker listed for US Core but it requires addressing the Encounter and Claims Resources

1400 - 1600

  • FHIR Infrastructure - LM, GG, JM, RG, YW
    • R5 Planning

1600 - 1800

  • FHIR Infrastructure - LM, GG, JM, RG, YW
    • R5 Planning
    • CBCP SANER project

1800 - 2000

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