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  • Approve (minutes from previous meeting)


  • Lloyd McKenzie (chair/scribe)
  • Bas van den Heuvel
  • Craig Newman
  • John Hatem
  • Oliver Krauss
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Reinhard Egelkraut
  • Vassil Peytchev

Minutes Approval

  • Motion to approve (minutes from previous meeting) Oliver/John - 6-0-1

When to use Request w/ Task

When is a Request needed in conjunction with Task and when can Task stand alone?

  • Options:
    • Task is the sole definer of the 'request'.  No Request resource is used to define what's being asked for
    • Task is asked to fulfill a 'contained' Request.  The Request has no independent life outside the Task.  The Request provides most of the details of what's being asked for, though some input parameters on the Task may qualify the request
    • Task points to an independently existing Request resource.  
  • A request should never be present when:
    • The task is asking for the status of a focal resource to change
      • E.g. "please suspend", "please cancel" when the requester doesn't have the authority to make the update themselves
      • Note that the focal resource whose status being changed might be a Request, but there is no resource other than Task that represents the request for state change.
    • The task is seeking fulfillment of a focal request (or fulfillment of a recent change to the focal request)
  • A request is needed: 
    • If formal authorization is required
      • What resource do we use for formal authorization of status changes (e.g. "please discharge")?
    • If authorization will span multiple fulfillment requests
    • If authorization needs to be managed in a different system than the Task execution
  • Assertions:
    • Request is commonly not needed if the requester and the performer are part of the same organizational unit
    • Need Request as part of the formal medical record
      • Is 'Task' not a part of the medical record?
      • Are some in the medical record and some not?
    • Request is used if there's a need to convey detailed information that is core or standard extensions on a Request resource when there's no standard way to say it using Task.
  •  Issues:
    • How do we say "please change resource X to look like proposed change X1"?
      • focus = target for change, input identifying desired content, possibly as a contained resource?

Future activities

  • Should we create a decision tree for workflow approach?
  • Will resume this discussion in 2 weeks (though we may take up Contract state machine then)


15:01 Eastern

Action Items

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